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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Gray matter abnormalities as brain structural vulnerability factors for bipolar disorder: A review of neuroimaging studies of individuals at high genetic risk for bipolar disorderNERY, Fabiano G.; MONKUL, E. Serap; LAFER, Beny
2013Depression and temporal lobe epilepsy represent an epiphenomenon sharing similar neural networks: clinical and brain structural evidencesVALENTE, Kette D. R.; BUSATTO FILHO, Geraldo
2013Mental health economics: Insights from BrazilCRUZ, Luciane; LIMA, Ana Flavia Da Silva; GRAEFF-MARTINS, Ana; MAIA, Carlos Renato Moreira; ZIEGELMANN, Patricia; MIGUEL, Sandoro; FLECK, Marcelo; POLANCZYK, Carisi
2012Metabolic Syndrome and Bipolar Disorder: What Should Psychiatrists Know?ALMEIDA, Karla M. de; MOREIRA, Camila L. R. L.; LAFER, Beny
2012Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotics for the Maintenance Treatment of Bipolar DisorderGIGANTE, Alexandre Duarte; LAFER, Beny; YATHAM, Lakshmi N.
2012Translating neurotrophic and cellular plasticity: from pathophysiology to improved therapeutics for bipolar disorderSOEIRO-DE-SOUZA, M. G.; DIAS, V. V.; FIGUEIRA, M. L.; FORLENZA, O. V.; GATTAZ, W. F.; ZARATE JR., C. A.; MACHADO-VIEIRA, R.
2013Sexuality and couple intimacy in dementiaABDO, Carmita H. N.
2013Traumatic carotid-cavernous fistula at the anterior ascending segment of the internal carotid artery in a pediatric patientPAIVA, Wellingson Silva; ANDRADE, Almir Ferreira de; BEER-FURLAN, Andre; NEVILLE, Iuri Santana; NOLETO, Gustavo S.; BERNARDO, Luca Silveira; CALDAS, Jose Guilherme; TEIXEIRA, Manoel Jacobsen
2013Traumatic injuries of peripheral nerves: a review with emphasis on surgical indicationMARTINS, Roberto Sergio; BASTOS, Dhiego; SIQUEIRA, Mario Gilberto; HEISE, Carlos Otto; TEIXEIRA, Manoel Jacobsen
2011Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) in unipolar vs. bipolar depressive disorderBRUNONI, A. R.; FERRUCCI, R.; BORTOLOMASI, M.; VERGARI, M.; TADINI, L.; BOGGIO, P. S.; GIACOPUZZI, M.; BARBIERI, S.; PRIORI, A.