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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Psychological resilience in bipolar disorder: a study of patients and their first-degree relativesABREU, L.; BERUTTI, M.; LAFER, B.; NERY, F.
2017Synaptic plasticity underlying therapeutics in mood disorders: new findings supporting a key role for lithiumMACHADO-VIEIRA, R.; OTADUY, M.; ZANETTI, M.; SOUSA, D.; DIAS, V.; LEITE, C.; FORLENZA, O.; BUSATTO, G.; SOARES, J.; GATTAZ, W.
2017Brain glutamate cycle metabolites and medication interference in BD I Patients: H1-MRS StudiesSOEIRO-DE-SOUZA, M.; HENNING, A.; MACHADO-VIEIRA, R.; MORENO, R. A.; PASTORELLO, B. F.; LEITE, C.; VALLADA, H.; OTADUY, M. C.
2017Impulsivity: relationship with the inhibitory control and mental flexibility in patients with bipolar disorder type IANTUNES, G. F.; BIO, D. S.; SOEIRO-DE-SOUZA, M. G.; MORENO, R. A.
2017Prevalence and characteristics of DSM5 manic-depressive spectrum compared to MDD and subthreshold bipolarity in the Sao Paulo megacity population-based studyMORENO, D.; ANDRADE, L.
2017The association between childhood trauma, cognitive and brain abnormalities in bipolar I patientsBIO, D.; SOEIRO-DE-SOUZA, M.; MORENO, R.
2017Association between Childhood Adversity and Ultra-High Risk for Psychosis Status in a Populational Sample of Sao Paulo, BrazilLOCH, Alexandre; ALVES, Tania Maria; FREITAS, Elder Lanzani; HORTENCIO, Lucas; ANDRADE, Julio Cesar; BILT, Martinus Theodorus van de; FONTONI, Marcos Roberto; SERPA, Mauricio; CHIANCA, Camille; GATTAZ, Wagner Farid; ROESSLER, Wulf
2017Mental flexibility and problem solving in adult patients who present non-suicidal self-injuryGARRETO, A. K.; GIUSTI, J.; OLIVEIRA, M.; TAVARES, H.; ROSSINI, D.; SCIVOLETTO, S.
2017Functional assessments of elderly with bipolar disorder and its relation to cognitive measures and quality of lifeSANTOS, G. D. D.; LAFER, B.; NUNES, P. V.
2017Hostility expression in pediatric bipolar disorder, healthy offspring and controlsROCCA, C.; GOMES, B.; BELIZARIO, G.; KLEINMAN, A.; ABREU, L.; CAETANO, S.; LAFER, B.; BUSATTO, G.