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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Effectiveness and micro-electrodes findings of deep brain stimulation of the STN via a parietal approach in post-infectious previously implanted Parkinson's patientsLOPEZ, W. O. Contreras; BATISTA, L.; AZEVEDO, A.; TEIXEIRA, M. J.; FONOFF, E. T.
2016Deep brain stimulation of the dentate nucleus improves ataxia and modulates cortical excitabilityFRANCA, C. C.; TEIXEIRA, M. J.; ANDRADE, D. Ciampi de; GALHARDONI, R.; BARBOZA, V. R.; SILVA, V.; LEPSKI, G.; BARBOSA, E. R.; CURY, R. G.
2016Spinal cord stimulation improves freezing of gait in Parkinson's disease in chronic implanted stn-dbs patients: A case reportSOUZA, C. O.; SOUZA, C. P.; PARDINI, A. L.; BOARI, D.; TEIXEIRA, L. A.; BARBOSA, E. R.; FONOFF, E. T.
2016Effects of subthalamic deep brain stimulation in motor and nonmotor function in Parkinson's disease patients with parkin mutationOLIVEIRA, L. M.; CURY, R. G.; CHIEN, H. F.; SANTOS, J. G.; GHILARDI, M. G.; MACHADO, R. B.; FONOFF, E. T.; EGBERTO, B. R.
2016Non-motor symptoms in PD candidates for DBS treatmentGHILARDI, M. G. dos Santos; MARTINEZ, R. C. R.; CURY, R. G.; ARANHA, J. R.; TEIXEIRA, M. J.; BARBOSA, E. R.; FONOFF, E. T.
2016Magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imaging for the pedunculopontine nucleus: Correlation between neuroimaging and cytoarchitectonic featuresALHO, A. T. D. L.; HAMANI, C.; ALHO, E. J. L.; SILVA, R. E. da; SANTOS, G. A. B. dos; NEVES, R. C.; ARAUJO, C. M. M.; MAGALHAES, G.; GRINBERG, L. T.; HEINSEN, H.; FONOFF, E. T.; AMARO-JUNIOR, E.
2016Three-dimensional cytoarchitecture of the basal ganglia: Clinical applications of a computational pipeline for histology to MRI registrationALHO, E. J. L.; ALEGRO, M.; DEUS, R. L.; REIS, R. P.; GRINBERG, L. T.; PEREIRA JR., J. F.; ZOLLEI, L.; AMARO JR., E.; HEINSEN, H.; FONOFF, E. T.
2016The relationship between cognitive aspects (education status, executive function and verbal fluency) and motor aspects (balance and gait) in patients with Parkinson's diseaseSOUZA, C. O.; VOOS, M. C.; CHIEN, H. F.; FRANCATO, D. V.; BARBOSA, A. F.; GREVE, J. M.; FONOFF, E. T.; BARBOSA, E. R.
2014Caudal zona incerta stimulation alleviates tremor and ataxia in a patient with fragile X-associated tremor/ataxia syndromeGHILARDI, M. G. dos Santos; CURY, R. G.; ANGELOS, J. S. dos; BARBOSA, E. R.; TEIXEIRA, M. J.; FONOFF, E. T.
2014Psychobiological aspects of personality in Parkinson's disease: Study of the temperament and characterFONOFF, F. C.; FONOFF, E. T.; BARBOSA, E. R.; QUARANTA, T.; TEIXEIRA, M. J.; FUENTES, D.