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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Predominant polarity determination from a machine learning approachBELIZARIO, G.; BORGES JUNIOR, R.; SALVINI, R.; LAFER, B.; DIAS, R.
2018Impact of predominant polarity on outcome in bipolar disorder: A 7-year longitudinal studyBELIZARIO, G.; SILVA, M.; LAFER, B.
2018Cognitive-behavioral rehabilitation vs. treatment as usual for bipolar patients preliminary resultsGOMES, B. C.; ROCCA, C. C. D. A.; BELIZARIO, G. O.; LAFER, B.
2018Applying machine learning to predict depression relapse of bipolar disorder patientsDIAS, R.; BORGES-JUNIOR, R. Gomes; SALVINI, R.; CAMILO-JUNIOR, C. Goncalves; LAFER, B.; NIERENBERG, A. A.; SACHS, G. S.
2018Unveiling anterior cingulate neurometabolic profile underlying euthymia in bipolar i disorder: A 1 h-MRS studySOEIRO-DE-SOUZA, M.; NERY, F.; MACHADO-VIERA, R.; MORENO, D.; MORENO, R.; OTADUY, M.; LEITE, C.; LAFER, B.
2018Quality of life is associated with clinical outcome in BD: a longitudinal studySILVA, M.; BELIZARIO, G. O.; ABREU, L. N.; LAFER, B.
2018Bipolar disorder and premenstrual disphoric disorder comorbidity: Apriori algorithm studyDIAS, R.; CASTRO, G.; SALVINI, R.; SLYEPCHENKO, A.; ANDREW, A. A.; SACHS, G. S.; LAFER, B.; DIAS, R. S.
2017Cognitive-behavioral rehabilitation vs treatment as usual for bipolar patients - a randomized controlled trialGOMES, B.; ROCCA, C. Castanho de Almeida; BELIZARIO, G. Okawa; GISELLE, C.; VALOIS, I.; FACHIN, R. de Vargas Penteado; FERNANDES, F.; LAFER, B.
2016The impact of CACNA1C risk allele on prefrontal age-related cortical thinning in bipolar I disorderSOEIRO-DE-SOUZA, M.; MORENO, R.; NERY, F.; MACHADO-VIEIRA, R.; CHAIM, K.; LAFER, B.; OTADUY, M.; VALLADA, H.
2017Earlier illness onset and increased hormonal sensitivity in women with co-morbid bipolar and premenstrual dysphoric disorder: clinical and treatment implicationsDIAS, R.; SLYEPCHENKO, A.; LAFER, B.; NIERENBERG, A. A.; SACHS, G.; FREY, B.