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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Association between MAO-A and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder related phenotypesSAMPAIO, A. S.; HOUNIE, A. G.; PETRIBU, K.; CAPPI, C.; MORAIS, I. A.; QUARANTINI, L. C.; FILHO, H. P. V.; ROSARIO, M. da Conceicao do; STEWART, S. E.; FARGENESS, J.; MATTHEWS, C.; ARNOLD, P.; RICHTER, M.; KENNEDY, J.; HANNA, G. L.; PAULS, D. L.; MIGUEL FILHO, E. C.
2013The State of Art of Association between COMT gene and Obsessive-Compulsive DisorderSAMPAIO, A. S.; QUARANTINI, L. C.; TELES, C.; CAPPI, C.; DALTRO-OLIVEIRA, R.; LINS, R. P.; HOUNIE, A. G.; MIGUEL, E. C.
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