B lymphocytes

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Riccio, L. G. C.; Abrão, M. S.. B lymphocytes. In: . IMMUNOLOGY OF ENDOMETRIOSIS: PATHOGENESIS AND MANAGEMENT: ELSEVIER, 2022. p.3-11.
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Several immunological abnormalities were described in endometriosis, but their role in the pathogenesis of the disease is not completely understood. Although peritoneal immunosurveillance is mostly defective, some aspects of the immune system are upregulated, such as the widespread polyclonal activation of B lymphocytes with antibody production. Antiendometrial antibodies, IgA and IgG have been shown to be increased in endometriosis, and also anti-nuclear, antiphospholipid, and anti-DNA. It has been proposed that endometriosis may have an autoimmune etiology, as it shares common aspects with autoimmune diseases. Most drugs effective at treating endometriosis are hormonal and contraceptive, so targeting immune cells could be an alternative strategy. Btk inhibitor Ibrutinib inactivates B lymphocytes and has been recently shown to be effective in controlling disease progression in mice. Further studies should evaluate B cells subtypes and drugs that target these cells to better understand the pathogenesis and to develop new approaches to treat the disease. © 2022 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
Antibodies, Autoimmunity, B cells, B lymphocytes, Endometriosis, Immunology
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