Digital Library of FMUSP-HC System: the OPI (Intellectual Production Observatory) is a institutional repository created with the objective of concentrating the technical-scientific production from the College of Medicine of University of São Paulo (FMUSP), Hospital of Medicine of FMUSP and other associated institutions. This repository is committed to collect, organize, preserve and to make accessible this production in order to contribute to knowledge management related to scientific research in the area of Life Sciences and Health.

Through the initiative of centralizing scientific production, it seeks to promote wide and easy access to the researches developed at the System FMUSP-HC, promoting contact between universities, research centers and society. The OPI consists of communities identified by large areas of knowledge and sub-communities specified according to the organizational structure of the FMUSP-HC, making easier for the user to search and directing him to the productions of his interest.

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  • OLIVEIRA, Jônatas de; FIGUEREDO, Leandro; CORDÁS, Táki Athanássios (Instituto de Psiquiatria da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, 2019)
    ABSTRACT Objectives To identify the presence of binge eating associated or not with compensatory practices in low-carb dieters. Methods Binge Eating Scale (BES) and Hay Questionnaire were used in order to assess the frequency ...
  • HELITO, Paulo Victor Partezani; ROCHA, Stephano Raydan Ramalho; ORTIZ, Rafael Trevisan; CERRI, Giovanni Guido; LEITE, Claudia da Costa; RODRIGUES, Marcelo Bordalo (Publicação do Colégio Brasileiro de Radiologia e Diagnóstico por Imagem, 2020)
    Abstract Objective: To assess the accuracy of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for the diagnosis of hallux valgus using radiography during weight bearing as the gold standard. Materials and Methods: This was a retrospective ...
  • BRETAS, Elisa Almeida Sathler; GUIMARÃES, Ruy Moraes Machado; AIHARA, André Yui; LEÃO FILHO, Hilton Muniz; CHOJNIAK, Rubens; MUGLIA, Valdair Francisco; D’IPPOLITO, Giuseppe (Publicação do Colégio Brasileiro de Radiologia e Diagnóstico por Imagem, 2020)
    Abstract Objective: To determine the average productivity of radiologists, as measured by number of reports issued per 6-h shift, evaluating variables that could affect the results. Materials and Methods: This was a study ...
  • CARBOGIM, Fábio da Costa; LUIZ, Franciane Silva; OLIVEIRA, Larissa Bertacchini de; BRAZ, Patrícia Rodrigues; SANTOS, Kelli Borges dos; PüSCHEL, Vilanice Alves de Araújo (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Programa de Pós Graduação em Enfermagem, 2020)
    ABSTRACT Objective: to evaluate the effectiveness of the Active Teaching Model for Critical Thinking in a first aid course for undergraduate nursing students. Method: a clinical, randomized, single blind and parallel trial, ...
  • MELLO, Tayana Teixeira; CARNEIRO, Jorge David Aivazoglou; MELLO, Guilherme Arantes; BIZZACCHI, Joyce Maria Annichinno (Associação Brasileira de Hematologia, Hemoterapia e Terapia Celular (ABHH), 2020)
    Abstract Due to the longer survival of critically ill children, venous thromboembolism is a problem which is becoming increasingly recognized in pediatric practice. In the last decades, several international studies have ...

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