About OPI

The Centre for Intellectual Production System of FMUSP-HC is born small, but with great potential, with the aim of gathering and providing visibility to a joint work and with national and international relevance. OPI is the result of research carried out for the improvement of health and quality of people's lives.

Understanding the requirement of an increasingly fast pace of life of the people involved in these scientific communities, the OPI aims to provide data of the most relevant scientific production by an automated way. The Library staff do the work of finding, organizing and analyzing information for OPI. If you want to suggest the inclusion of a work of your own authorship, which for some reason is not be showing, please contact us.

Following the international trend of giving visibility to research supported by public funding, the OPI seeks to facilitate the access to full texts, moreover, aware of copyright law, restricts or prohibits the access to which is not allowed. Remember that all documents subject to signatures can be found only in the IP (Internet Protocol) of University of São Paulo or via VPN (Virtual Private Network). Even so, if you identified the need for exclusion of any document, please, contact us immediately so that the situation is clarified.

The research at OPI is made intuitively by navigating in the left menu. With each click, your search will be filtered and the result appears in the central display. Click on the blue bar below the logo to return.

The analysis of the scientific literature contained in OPI depends on a more informational treatment and will be released as they are made.

For more information, see the FAQ.

São Paulo, October 24, 2014.

OPI team.