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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Alcohol use among fatally injured victims in Sao Paulo, Brazil: bridging the gap between research and health services in developing countries (vol 112, pg 596, 2017)ANDREUCCETTI, Gabriel; LEYTON, Vilma; LEMOS, Nikolas P.; MIZIARA, Ivan Dieb; YE, Yu; TAKITANE, Juliana; MUNOZ, Daniel Romero; REINGOLD, Arthur L.; CHERPITEL, Cheryl J.; CARVALHO, Heraclito Barbosa de
2016SLC24A5 and ASIP as phenotypic predictors in Brazilian population for forensic purposes (vol 17, pg 261, 2015)LIMA, F. A.; GONCALVES, F. T.; FRIDMAN, C.
2012Reducing the legal blood alcohol concentration limit for driving in developing countries: a time for change? Results and implications derived from a time-series analysis (2001-10) conducted in Brazil (vol 106, pg 2124, 2011)ANDREUCCETTI, Gabriel; CARVALHO, Heraclito B.; CHERPITEL, Cheryl J.; YE, Yu; PONCE, Julio C.; KAHN, Tulio; LEYTON, Vilma
2022Some Problems with the Dirac Delta Function: Divergent Series in Physics (vol 51, pg 1324, 2021)AMAKU, Marcos; COUTINHO, Francisco A. B.; EBOLI, Oscar J. P.; MASSAD, Eduardo
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