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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Riding the puzzle: deep brain stimulation and the non-motor symptoms in Parkinson's diseaseCAMPOS, A. C.; FONOFF, E. Talamoni; HAMANI, C.; PAGANO, R. Lima
2012Functional convergence of parallel circuits within subthalamic nucleus: Intra-operative multichannel-microelectrode recording study during emotional, cognitive and motor tasksFONOFF, E. T.; EDGAR, M.; SAMESHIMA, K.; TEIXEIRA, M. J.; NICOLELIS, M. A. L.
2018Beneficial nonmotor effects of subthalamic and pallidal DBS in Parkinson's diseaseDAFSARI, H.; GHILARDI, M. dosSantos; VISSER-VANDEWALLE, V.; RIZOS, A.; ASHKAN, K.; SILVERDALE, M.; EVANS, J.; MARTINEZ, R.; CURY, R.; BARBE, M.; FINK, G.; ANTONINI, A.; RAY-CHAUDHURI, K.; MARTINEZ-MARTIN, P.; FONOFF, E.; TIMMERMANN, L.
2012Subthalamic deep brain stimulation modulates small-fiber dependent sensory thresholds in Parkinson's diseaseANDRADE, D. C.; LEFAUCHEUR, J. P.; GALHARDONI, R.; PAIVA, A.; BOHR-SENG-SHU, E.; BRANT, R.; MYCZKOWSKI, M.; ALVARENGA, L.; FERREIRA, K.; SOUZA, C.; SIQUEIRA, S.; MARCOLIN, M. A.; FONOFF, E.; BARBOSA, E. R.; JACOBSEN, M.
2015Rat brain basal ganglia imaged with optical coherence tomography: Feasibility and future perspectivesANGELOS, J. S. dos; LOPEZ, W. O. C.; MARTINEZ, R. C. R.; REIS, P. R.; TAKIMURA, C. K.; TEIXEIRA, M. J.; LEMOS NETO, P. A.; FONOFF, E. T.
2019Swallowing Videoendoscopy in Patients with Parkinson's Disease with Deep Brain StimulationALVES, T.; OLIVEIRA, N.; DIAFERIA, G.; PALUMBO, M.; GHILARDI, M. G.; FONOFF, E.; PADOVANI, M.
2012Quantitative evaluation of the effects of bilateral subthalamic deep brain stimulation (DBS) on balance in Parkinson's disease (PD)BRANT, R.; LUNA, N.; ANDRADE, D. C.; SOUZA, C.; GREVE, J.; FONOFF, E.; BARBOSA, E. R.
2019Comparison of high versus low frequency subthalamic stimulation on eye movementGHILARDI, M. G.; STOCK, L.; KRUGER-ZECHLIN, C.; DEEB, Z.; FONOFF, E.; TIMMERMANN, L.; WALDTHALER, J.
2013Parkinson's disease and nociceptive response: Spinal opioidergic modulation on the mechanical hyperalgesia in hemiparkinsonian ratsPAGANO, R. L.; BERZUINO, M. B.; CAMPOS, A. C. P.; FONOFF, E. T.
2015Surgical treatment of post-traumatic midbrain resting-kinetic tremor with stereotactic lesions with MER of the zona incertaAZEVEDO, A. R. C.; CONTRERAS, W. O.; REIS, P. R.; CURY, R. G.; SILVA, F. E. F.; NAVARRO, J.; FONOFF, E. T.