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  • article 352 Citação(ões) na Scopus
    A Patient-Derived, Pan-Cancer EMT Signature Identifies Global Molecular Alterations and Immune Target Enrichment Following Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition
    (2016) MAK, Milena P.; TONG, Pan; DIAO, Lixia; CARDNELL, Robert J.; GIBBONS, Don L.; WILLIAM, William N.; SKOULIDIS, Ferdinandos; PARRA, Edwin R.; RODRIGUEZ-CANALES, Jaime; WISTUBA, Ignacio I.; HEYMACH, John V.; WEINSTEIN, John N.; COOMBES, Kevin R.; WANG, Jing; BYERS, Lauren Averett
    Purpose: We previously demonstrated the association between epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) and drug response in lung cancer using an EMT signature derived in cancer cell lines. Given the contribution of tumor microenvironments to EMT, we extended our investigation of EMT to patient tumors from 11 cancer types to develop a pan-cancer EMT signature. Experimental Design: Using the pan-cancer EMT signature, we conducted an integrated, global analysis of genomic and proteomic profiles associated with EMT across 1,934 tumors including breast, lung, colon, ovarian, and bladder cancers. Differences in outcome and in vitro drug response corresponding to expression of the pan-cancer EMT signature were also investigated. Results: Compared with the lung cancer EMT signature, the patient-derived, pan-cancer EMT signature encompasses a set of core EMT genes that correlate even more strongly with known EMT markers across diverse tumor types and identifies differences in drug sensitivity and global molecular alterations at the DNA, RNA, and protein levels. Among those changes associated with EMT, pathway analysis revealed a strong correlation between EMT and immune activation. Further supervised analysis demonstrated high expression of immune checkpoints and other druggable immune targets, such as PD1, PD-L1, CTLA4, OX40L, and PD-L2, in tumors with the most mesenchymal EMT scores. Elevated PD-L1 protein expression in mesenchymal tumors was confirmed by IHC in an independent lung cancer cohort. Conclusions: This new signature provides a novel, patient-based, histology-independent tool for the investigation of EMT and offers insights into potential novel therapeutic targets for mesenchymal tumors, independent of cancer type, including immune checkpoints. (C)2015 AACR.
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    Câncer de próstata
    (2015) BARROSO-SOUSA, Romualdo; MAK, Milena Perez; LIMA FILHO, Antonio Cavalheiro de Macedo
  • article 7 Citação(ões) na Scopus
    Multiagent chemotherapy for metastatic adenocarcinoma of the seminal vesicle
    (2014) GUINDALINI, Rodrigo S. C.; MAK, Milena P.; TAKAHASHI, Tiago K.; TESTA, Laura; DZIK, Carlos
    Adenocarcinoma of the seminal vesicle is a rare condition, with fewer than 60 cases described in the literature. Most reports highlight the histopathological characteristics of the tumor; however, the role of chemotherapy, especially in the metastatic setting, is poorly described. In this paper, we describe a patient with metastatic disease, who sustained a response to modified FOLFOX6 as first-line therapy. This platinum-based combination therapy seems effective in this scenario and may provide an opportunity for extended survival and relief of symptoms. (C) 2013 Wolters Kluwer Health vertical bar Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
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    Câncer de pulmão
    (2023) FêDE, Angelo Bezerra de Souza; TAKAHASHI, Tiago Kenji; MAK, Milena Perez; CASTRO JUNIOR, Gilberto de
  • bookPart
    Câncer de ovário
    (2015) CAIRES, Inacelli Queiroz de Souza; TESTA, Laura; MAK, Milena Perez; DIZ, Maria Del Pilar Estevez; ABDO FILHO, Elias
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    Hipercalcemia associada a malignidade
    (2015) MAK, Milena Perez
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    Câncer de cabeça e pescoço
    (2017) LIMA, Rafael Caires Alvino de; MAK, Milena Perez; CASTRO JUNIOR, Gilberto de
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    Princípios do tratamento oncológico
    (2023) BRAGA, Henrique Faria; MAK, Milena Perez; TAKAHASHI, Tiago Kenji
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    Princípios do tratamento oncológico
    (2017) BRAGA, Henrique Faria; MAK, Milena Perez; TAKAHASHI, Tiago Kenji
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    Câncer de pele não melanoma
    (2023) AMARAL, Paulo Siqueira do; CAMARGO, Caio Lamunier de Abreu; MAK, Milena Perez