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    Institutionalization of Public Health Care in Sao Paulo between 1930 and 1940
    (2013) MOTA, Andre; SCHRAIBER, Lilia Blima
    The aim of the study was to interpret and understand the institutionalization of public health care in the state of Sao Paulo over the years 1930-1940, based on the history of medical specialties. The methodology involved analysis of new sources of documents, which were compared with the existing literature, thereby leading to identification of new indices relating to the issue of eugenics and the presence of physicians' religious beliefs as a social movement. As physicians became public health experts, they proposed a project to elevate the Brazilian race, by merging the hygienist discourse with sanitary actions. Sao Paulo sought primacy in this project, believing that this was a State already constituted by a race of ""historically healthy men"". Religious beliefs influenced the debate and the decisions of that time with regard to the established order within public health. In this manner, it could be shown that, historically, public health discourse was constituted by merging technical-scientific issues with political-ideological and cultural issues, producing a mixture of different interests and corporative perspectives of the profession.
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    The spanish flu through the lens of local history: archives, memory and origin myths in Botucatu, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1918
    (2020) RIBEIRO, Anna Cristina Rodopiano de Carvalho; MARQUES, Maria Cristina da Costa; MOTA, Andre
    Considering that the logic of historical investigation is grounded on the development of empirical research, this study approaches challenges in the construction of local history about the spanish flu pandemic in the city of Botucatu, State of SAO Paulo, in view of scattered and fragmented collections without archival care and with damaged materiality. The study discusses memory-producing places and shows how the selection and articulation of the past reflect what one intends to preserve around local discourses and representations by power apparatuses. It captures, in a dialectic game involving the past that has not ceased to exist and is brought to the present in the power of archives and collective memory, the social forces that acted in institutionalized care at Botucatu. Thus, it deconstructs origin myths, contextualizes singularities, historicizes inequities, and captures representations and expectations about the city's order and the body's health, in this space-time.
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    (2019) MOTA, André
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    Desenvolvimentismo e preventivismo nas raízes da Saúde Coletiva: reformas do ensino e criação de escolas médicas e departamentos de medicina preventiva no estado de São Paulo (1948-1967)
    (2018) MOTA, André; SCHRAIBER, Lilia Blima; AYRES, José Ricardo de Carvalho Mesquita
    The US medical reform in the 1940's and 1950's included schools of thinking with unique developments and several change strategies, even though they eventually converged in a set of ideas referred under the term Preventive Medicine. In order to expand this movement to Latin America and to make it coalesce in a common proposal, Pan American Health Organization (Opas) and Mondial Health Organization (OMS) supported a series of meetings organized to that end. Their impact was felt in Sao Paulo state, resulting in the outcropping of new Medical Schools, especially outside the capital city, as well as in a reorganization of previous ones, creating Preventive Medicine, Social Medicine or Public Health Medicine departments. This particular historical moment, specifically from 1948-1967, was examined through documents dealing with the history of those departments and interviews with pioneers of Collective Health in Sao Paulo.
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    The concept of health in Collective Health: contributions from social and historical critique of scientific production
    (2019) SILVA, Marcelo José de Souza e; SCHRAIBER, Lilia Blima; MOTA, André
    Abstract This study aimed to understand the concept of health within Collective Health. Our analysis starts from Marxism as a theoretical reference, both to define what is a “concept” and to understand the critical thinking of Collective Health. As empirical research the bibliographic production of the main journals that bring together Collective Health publications as a knowledge area was used, which resulted in 34 papers that somehow treated the concept of health, even if it was not the main object of the study. From this analysis we identified at least three different modalities of definitions, which varied both in the referential basis used to apprehend and analyze empirical realities concerning health, and in the conceptualization of social that could be in this analysis. We have also identified that the papers ranged between a production that was strictly descriptive of these empirical realities and strictly theoretical essays, rather than to produce a concrete (empirical) thought based on the elected definition of social. It was concluded that within Health Collective the concept of health has been taken, in general, either as a notion (a partial approximation of the object) or as a motto, from an ethical-political engagement that ends up relegating the theoretical-conceptual contribution to the background.
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    Atividades de Ciências Sociais e Humanas em Saúde
    (2021) AYRES, José Ricardo Carvalho Mesquita; D'OLIVEIRA, Ana Flávia Pires Lucas; MOTA, André; NOVAES, Hillegonda Maria Dutilh; SCHRAIBER, Lilia Blima; FALCãO, Márcia Thereza Couto; SATO, Mariana Eri; SCHEFFER, Mário; SOáREZ, Patrícia Coelho de; TEIXEIRA, Ricardo Rodrigues; MACHIN, Rosana; NASCIMENTO, Thaís Moura Ribeiro do Valle
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