Long-term results of the percutaneous transhepatic venoplasty of portal vein stenoses after pediatric liver transplantation

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CARNEVALE, Francisco Cesar
MOREIRA, Airton Mota
SANTOS, Barbosa dos
MOTTA-LEAL-FILHO, Joaquim Mauricio da
CERRI, Giovanni Guido
PEDIATRIC TRANSPLANTATION, v.15, n.5, p.476-481, 2011
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This paper has the objective to evaluate retrospectively the long-term results of transhepatic treatment of PV stenoses after pediatric LT. During an eight-yr period, 15 children with PV stenoses underwent PTA with balloon dilation or stent placement in case of PTA failure after LT. Patients' body weights ranged from 9.3 to 46 kg (mean, 15.5 kg). PV patency was evaluated in the balloon dilation and in the stent placement groups. Technical and clinical successes were achieved in all cases with no complication. Eleven patients (11/15; 73.3%) were successfully treated by single balloon dilation. Four patients (4/15; 26.7%) needed stent placement. One patient was submitted to stent placement during the same procedure because of PTA failure. The other three developed clinical signs of portal hypertension because of PV restenoses two, eight, and twenty-eight months after the first PTA. They had to be submitted to a new procedure with stent placement. The follow-up time ranged from 3 to 8.1 yr (mean, 6.3 yr). In conclusion, transhepatic treatment of PV stenoses after pediatric LT with balloon dilation or stent placement demonstrated to be a safe and effective treatment that results in long-term patency.
child, post-operative complication, interventional radiology, balloon angioplasty and stent
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