Assessment scoring tools of depression

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Gorenstein, C.; Henna, E.; Wang, Y. P.. Assessment scoring tools of depression. In: . THE NEUROSCIENCE OF DEPRESSION: FEATURES, DIAGNOSIS, AND TREATMENT: ELSEVIER, 2021. p.155-164.
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Depression is a common psychiatric disorder and is associated with severe impairment in the patient’s lives. Even so, depressive conditions remain underdiagnosed and its assessment is made mainly by clinical judgment, which brings an unavoidable decrease in diagnostic reliability. There are several instruments widely used in research, which aim to enhance the detection of depression, to ensure diagnosis accuracy, to register the intensity of symptoms, and to follow-up the treatment efficacy. This chapter aims to present the most used scales for screening, diagnosing, and measuring outcomes in depression. Further, we highlight the psychometric properties of assessment tools of depression, to help clinicians to select the best-suited ones for their purposes. © 2021 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
Assessment, Depression, Diagnostic interviews, Rating scales
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