Surgical pinealectomy in rats

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Maganhin, C. C.; Simões, R. S.; de Jesus Simões, M.; Fuchs, L. F. P.; Baracat, E. C.; Soares Jr., J. M.. Surgical pinealectomy in rats. In: . STEP BY STEP EXPERIMENTAL PINEALECTOMY TECHNIQUES IN ANIMALS FOR RESEARCHERS: NOVA SCIENCE PUBLISHERS, INC., 2013. p.87-97.
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To report a new, direct visual approach for rat pinealectomy. The rat was weighted and anesthetized intraperitoneally with 15 mg/kg xylazine and 30 mg/kg ketamine. The animal was fastened to a dissection table, an incision was made in the skin and the subcutaneous tissue, bringing the lambda into view, under a stereomicroscope with magnification 10 - 40x. The skullcap was opened with a dental drill, bringing the cerebral hemispheres and the superior sagittal sinus into view. The pineal gland, located under the venous sinus, was removed in a single piece using tweezers. Next, the bone fragment was returned to its place and the surgical layers were sutured. This new technique is easy to be done, avoids bleedings and removes only the pineal gland without damage to the remaining encephalon. In addition it makes possible the achievement of a sham surgery, allowing the pineal gland to remain intact. The proposed technique intends to facilitate studies aiming to better understanding the complexity and importance of the pineal gland on reproductive and other body systems. © 2013 Nova Science Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.
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