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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Brainstem syndrome and longitudinally extensive transverse myelitis (LETM) as first manifestation of Adult T-Cell Leukemia/Lymphoma (ATLL)GOMES, A. B. Ayroza Galvao Ribeiro; SOARES NETO, H.; LEMOS, M. Delboni; CALLEGARO, D.; PEREIRA, S. L. Apostolos
2012The regional cortical atrophy is correlated with T1 lesion load in early stages of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosisRIMKUS, C. M.; JUNQUEIRA, T. F.; CALLEGARO, D.; OTADUY, M. C. G.; LEITE, C. C.
2019Anti-AQP4 antibodies positive neuromyelitis optica syndrome in children : an European-Brazilian collaborative studyPAOLILO, R. B.; YAZBECK, E.; HACOHEN, Y.; BRUIJSTENS, A.; LECHNER, C.; ARMANGUE, T.; SAIZ, A.; PEREIRA, S. L. Apostolos; MARTYNENKO, Y.; BREU, M.; RIMKUS, C. D. M.; WASSMER, E.; BAUMANN, M.; PAPETTI, L.; CAPOBIANCO, M.; AUBART, M.; ROSTASY, K.; PAZ, J. A. D.; NEUTEBOON, R.; HINTZEN, R.; LIM, M.; MARIGNIER, R.; HEMINGWAY, C.; SATO, D. K.; DEIVA, K.
2016Cognitive decline in multiple sclerosis is associated with structural network disruption - a single-subject network approachRIMKUS, C. M.; SCHOONHEIM, M. M.; STEENWIJK, M. D.; WATTJES, M.; KILLESTEIN, J.; LEITE, C. C.; BARKHOF, F.; TIJMS, B. M.
2017Education level and the characteristics cognitive impairment in a Brazilian cohort of multiple sclerosis patientsRIMKUS, C. M.; AVOLIO, I.; MIOTTO, E. C.; PEREIRA, S. A.; MENDES, M. F.; CALLEGARO, D.; LEITE, C. C.
2017Five-year follow-up of pediatric onset Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorders (NMOSD)PAOLILO, R. B.; PAZ, J. A.; APOSTOLOS-PEREIRA, S. L.; RIMKUS, C. D. M.; ARAUJO, A. L. P. C.; VENTURA, L. M. G. D. B.; PITOMBEIRA, M. S.; GOMES, A. B.; MATOS, A. D. M. B.; TORRETTA, P. H. B.; REED, U. C.; CALLEGARO, D.; SATO, D. K.
2017Neuroimaging profile in pediatric Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorders (NMOSD)PAOLILO, R.; RIMKUS, C. D. M.; PAZ, J. A.; APOSTOLOS-PEREIRA, S. L.; ARAUJO, A. L. P. C.; GOMES, A. B.; VENTURA, L. M. Gomes De Brito; PITOMBEIRA, M. S.; MATOS, A. D. M. B.; REED, U. C.; CALLEGARO, D.; SATO, D. K.
2018Pediatric acquired demyelination syndromes profile in a Brazilian centerPAOLILO, R. B.; PAZ, J. A. da; APOSTOLOS-PEREIRA, S. L.; ARAUJO, A. L. C.; RIMKUS, C. M.; CALLEGARO, D.; SATO, D. K.
2017Neuromyelitis optica phenotype associated with anti-TNF therapy in psoriatic arthritisBOAVENTURA, M.; PEREIRA, S. Apostolos; RIMKUS, C.; SATO, D.; CALLEGARO, D.
2020C-11-pib pet showed a distinct cerebrospinal fluid pattern in patients with progressive multiple sclerosisPITOMBEIRA, M.; DURAN, F.; CAMPANHOLO, K.; SOUZA, A.; APOSTOLOS-PEREIRA, S.; RIMKUS, C. Medeiros; MENDES, M. F.; BUSATTO FILHO, G.; CALLEGARO, D.; BUCHPIGUEL, C.; FARIA, D. De Paula