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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Myocardial tissue function and characterization in patients with idiopathic cardiac magnetic resonance myopericarditis: evolutionary analysisSOEIRO, A.; BOSSA, A. S.; CESAR, M. C.; LEAL, T. C. A. T.; GARCIA, G.; FONSECA, R. A.; NAKAMURA, D.; GUIMARAES, P. O.; SOARES, P. R.; MUELLER, C.; MEBAZAA, A.; FERNANDES, F.; NOMURA, C. H.; ROCHITTE, C. E.; OLIVEIRA JR., M. T.
2021Education and lifestyle measures for awareness of syncope prodroms to prevent syncope recurrence in schoolchildrenMAIR, V.; SANTOS, F. R. A.; PEREIRA, H. G.; PASTORE, C. A.; SAMESIMA, N.; DINIZ, L. J.; TAKADA, J. Y.; MANSUR, A. P.; NAKAGAWA, N. K.
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