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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Decreased immunoexpression of survivin could be a potential marker in human non-alcoholic fatty liver disease progression?STEFANO, Jose T.; OLIVEIRA, Claudia P. M. S. de; CORREA-GIANNELLA, Maria L.; SOARES, Ibere C.; KUBRUSLY, Marcia S.; BELLODI-PRIVATO, Marta; MELLO, Evandro S. de; LIMA, Vicencia M. R. de; CARRILHO, Flair J.; ALVES, Venancio A. F.
2011Survivin expression patterns could reflect different roles in hepatocarcinogenesis, especially in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease-related hepatocellular carcinomaSTEFANO, Jose T.; OLIVEIRA, Claudia P.; CARRILHO, Flair J.; ALVES, Venancio A. F.
2011Microsomal triglyceride transfer protein and nonalcoholic fatty liver diseasePEREIRA, Isabel V. A.; STEFANO, Jose T.; OLIVEIRA, Claudia P. M. S.
2011Hepatitis Delta virus genotype 8 infection in Northeast Brazil: Inheritance from African slaves?BARROS, L. M. F.; GOMES-GOUVEA, M. S.; PINHO, J. R. R.; ALVARADO-MORA, M. V.; SANTOS, A. Dos; MENDES-CORREA, M. C. J.; CALDAS, A. J. M.; SOUSA, M. T.; SANTOS, M. D. C.; FERREIRA, A. S. P.
2011Predictors of Fibrostenotic Crohn's DiseaseRIEDER, Florian; LAWRANCE, Ian C.; LEITE, Andre; SANS, Miquel
2011FibroTest is an independent predictor of virologic response in chronic hepatitis C patients retreated with pegylated interferon alfa-2b and ribavirin in the EPIC3 programPOYNARD, Thierry; MUNTEANU, Mona; COLOMBO, Massimo; BRUIX, Jordi; SCHIFF, Eugene; TERG, Ruben; FLAMM, Steven; MORENO-OTERO, Ricardo; CARRILHO, Flair; SCHMIDT, Warren; BERG, Thomas; MCGARRITY, Thomas; HEATHCOTE, E. Jenny; GONCALES, Fernando; DIAGO, Moises; CRAXI, Antonio; SILVA, Marcelo; BOPARAI, Navdeep; GRIFFEL, Louis; BURROUGHS, Margaret; BRASS, Clifford; ALBRECHT, Janice
2011Dynamics of Hepatitis D (delta) virus genotype 3 in the Amazon region of South AmericaALVARADO-MORA, Monica Viviana; ROMANO, Camila Malta; GOMES-GOUVEA, Michele Soares; GUTIERREZ, Maria Fernanda; CARRILHO, Flair Jose; PINHO, Joao Renato Rebello
2011S-Nitroso-N-acetylcysteine induces de-differentiation of activated hepatic stellate cells and promotes antifibrotic effects in vitroSTEFANO, J. T.; COGLIATI, B.; SANTOS, F.; LIMA, V. M. R.; MAZO, D. C.; MATTE, U.; ALVARES-DA-SILVA, M. R.; SILVEIRA, T. R.; CARRILHO, F. J.; OLIVEIRA, C. P. M. S.
2011Phylogenetic Analysis of Hepatitis B Virus Genotype F Complete Genome Sequences From Chilean Patients With Chronic InfectionVENEGAS, Mauricio; ALVARADO-MORA, Monica V.; VILLANUEVA, Rodrigo A.; PINHO, Joao R. Rebello; CARRILHO, Flair J.; LOCARNINI, Stephen; YUEN, Lilly; BRAHM, Javier
2011Hepatitis B (HBV), Hepatitis C (HCV) and Hepatitis Delta (HDV) Viruses in the Colombian Population-How Is the Epidemiological Situation?ALVARADO-MORA, Monica Viviana; FERNANDEZ, Maria Fernanda Gutierrez; GOMES-GOUVEA, Michele Soares; AZEVEDO NETO, Raymundo Soares de; CARRILHO, Flair Jose; PINHO, Joao Renato Rebello