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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Surgical site infections in liver transplant recipients in the model for end-stage liver disease era: An analysis of the epidemiology, risk factors, and outcomesFREIRE, Maristela Pinheiro; OSHIRO, Isabel C. V. Soares; BONAZZI, Patricia Rodrigues; GUIMARAES, Thais; FIGUEIRA, Estela Regina Ramos; BACCHELLA, Telesforo; COSTA, Silvia Figueiredo; D'ALBUQUERQUE, Luiz Augusto Carneiro; ABDALA, Edson
2012Evaluation of Surfactant Protein A in Hepatopulmonary Syndrome in RatsNACIF, Lucas Souto; KUBRUSLY, Marcia Saldanha; KUBRUSLY, Flavia Saldanha; D'ALBUQUERQUE, Luiz Augusto Carneiro; ISHIZAWA, Andrea; CAINELLI, Vera C. B.; ANDRAUS, Wellington
2013Anesthetic Conditioning in Liver Transplantation: Results of a Multicenter Randomized Controlled TrialBONVINI, John M.; SCHADDE, Erik; CLAVIEN, Pierre-Alain; LESURTEL, Mickael; FIGUEIRA, Estela R. R.; FILHO, Joel A. Rocha; REYNTJENS, Koen; BREITENSTEIN, Stefan; BECK-SCHIMMER, Beatrice
2013Predictive Factors of Survival and Prognostic Score Validation in Liver Retransplantation for Severe Hepatitis C Recurrence: The Importance of HCV Therapy before and after RetransplantationSONG, A. T. W.; SOBESKY, R.; VINAIXA, C.; DUMORTIER, J.; RADENNE, S.; ROUSSEAU, G.; DURAND, F.; DELVART, V.; ROCHE, B.; HAIM-BOUKOBZA, S.; VIBERT, E.; CASTAING, D.; ABDALA, E.; BERENGUER, M.; DUCLOS-VALLEE, J. C.; SAMUEL, D.
2013Is Steroid (Almost) Free Immunosuppression a Safe Approach in Adult Liver Transplantation? Long-Term Outcome of a Prospective Double Blind, Placebo-Controlled Randomized Investigator Driven Study.PINHEIRO, Rafael S.; LAI, Quirino; JURI, Juan M. R.; SANTA, Edward C.; CICCARELLI, Olga; D'ALBUQUERQUE, Luiz A. C.; LERUT, Jan
2013Validation of Preoperative Coefficient Factor for Graft Weight Estimation in Living Donor Liver TransplantationPINHEIRO, Rafael S.; PECORA, Rafael A.; ANDRAUS, Wellington; MARTINS, Rodrigo B.; DAVID, Andre I.; HADDAD, Luciana B.; ARANTES, Rubens M.; SANTOS, Rafael M.; CRUZ JR., Ruy J.; PUGLIESE, Vincenzo; D'ALBUQUERQUE, Luiz A. C.
2013Femoral Hernia and Massive AscitesPINHEIRO, Rafael S.; ANDRAUS, Wellington; PECORA, Rafael A.; HADDAD, Luciana B.; DAVID, Andre I.; NACIF, Lucas; MARTINS, Rodrigo B.; CRUZ JR., Ruy J.; PUGLIESE, Vincenzo; D'ALBUQUERQUE, Luiz A. C.
2012Reconstruction of Right Hepatic Artery Variation Using a Carrel-Patch Technique Allows Straight Orientation in Liver TransplantationANDRAUS, Wellington; HADDAD, Luciana B. P.; BALLESTEROSS, Mauricio V.; LEMES, Marcus P.; BUSCARIOLLI, Yuri; PUGLIESE, Vincenzo; ALBUQUERQUE, Luis Augusto C. D.
2012Measurement of Adipose Tissue by L4 Computed Tomography, Air Displacement Plethysmography and Bioelectrical Impedance in Ascitic Cirrhotic PatientsBELARMINO, Giliane; WAITZBERG, Dan L.; D'ALBUQUERQUE, Luiz A. C.; HEYMSFIELD, Steven B.; ANDRAUS, Wellington; PINHEIRO, Rafael
2012Combined Liver Kidney Transplantation at a Brazilian Universitary HospitalNACIF, Lucas Souto; ANDRAUS, Wellington; PUGLIESE, Vincenzo; D'ALBUQUERQUE, Luiz Augusto Carneiro