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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Outbreak of Zika Virus Infection an the Co-Circulation of Other Arboviruses in State of Tocantins, BrazilMILAGRES, F.; COSTA, A. C. da; LIMA, R. C.; SABINO, E. C.; SEGURADO, A.
2018Second trimester D-lactic acid measurement: a simple assay to predict dominant vaginal bacteria and risk for short cervix and preterm birthMINIS, Evelyn E.; MORON, Antonio; FORNEY, Larry; LEIZER, Julie; BONGIOVANNI, Ann Marie; LINHARES, Iara M.; HATANAKA, Alan; HAMAMOTO, Tatiana; SANTUCCI, Marcello; SARMENTO, Stephanno; MATTAR, Rosiane; SABINO, Ester; WITKIN, Steven S.
2018FCGR2B B2.4 Haplotype Predicts Increased Risk of Red Blood Cell Alloimmunization in Sickle Cell Disease PatientsNETO, Abel Costa; SANTOS, Flavia Leite; RIBEIRO, Ingrid Helena; OLIVEIRA, Valeria Brito; DEZAN, Marcia Regina; KASHIMA, Simone; COVAS, Dimas Tadeu; PEREIRA, Alexandre Costa; FONSECA, Guilherme Henrique Hencklain; MOREIRA, Frederico; KRIEGER, Jose Eduardo; GUALANDRO, Sandra Fatima Menosi; ROCHA, Vanderson; MENDRONE JR., Alfredo; DINARDO, Carla Luana
2018A risk score to predict 2-year mortality for chagas cardiomyopathy: analysis of a large population from endemic areas in BrazilRIBEIRO, A. L.; OLIVEIRA, C. D. L.; NUNES, M. C. P.; COLOSIMO, E. A.; MALVEIRA, E.; CARDOSO, C.; OLIVEIRA, L. C.; FERREIRA, A. M.; HAIKAL, D. S.; MOREIRA, C. H. V.; BIERRENBACH, A. L.; SABINO, E. C.
2018Galectin-3 levels are normal in patients with constrictive pericarditis and are associated with exercise intolerance after pericardiectomyFERNANDES, F.; MELLO, D. T. P.; RAMIRES, F. J. A.; SABINO, E. C.; MOREIRA, C. H. V.; BENVENUTTI, L.; HOTTA, V. T.; SAYEG, A.; DIAS, R. R.; MADY, C.
2018Characterization of Candidates for Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in a Sickle Cell Disease Cohort and Estimation of Number of Potential Donors for CandidatesFLOR-PARK, Miriam Veronica; KELLY, Shannon; PREISS, Liliana; CUSTER, Brian; CARNEIRO-PROIETTI, Anna Barbara; ARAUJO, Aderson; LOUREIRO, Paula; MAXIMO, Claudia; RODRIGUES, Daniela Werneck; AFONSO, Rosimere; SABINO, Ester; ROCHA, Vanderson
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