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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Altered expression of inflammasome on the skin and lymph nodes in Sezary syndromeMANFRERE, K. C. G.; TORREALBA, M. P.; MIYASHIRO, D. R.; SANCHES, J. A.; SATO, M. N.
2019T-cell receptor rearrangements in the skin and blood of patients in the PROCLIPI study: detection of clonal rearrangements in the skin (and blood) correlates with the B-class of MF and SS patientsWEHKAMP, U.; WHITTAKER, S.; SERVITJE, O.; BERTI, E.; QUERFELD, C.; BAGOT, M.; STADLER, R.; STRANZENBACH, R.; MARSCHALKO, M.; BUSSCHOTS, A. -M.; JOST, M.; SANCHES, J.; ORTIZ-ROMERO, P.; ESTRACH, T.; VAKEVA, L.; JONAK, C.; AKILOV, O.; HODAK, E.; MITTELDORF, C.; BATES, A.; BEYLOT-BARRY, M.; COWAN, R.; PUJOL, R.; MATIN, R.; PAPADAVID, E.; QUAGLINO, P.; VERMEER, M.; KEMPF, W.; KIM, Y.; SCARISBRICK, J.
2019An international multi-institutional study for the evaluation of folliculotropic mycosis fungoides: results of the Consensus Histopathologic ReviewGRU, Alejandro A.; MITTELDORF, Christina; PULITZER, Melissa; HODAK, Emmilia; SCARISBRICK, Julia; ZIC, John; KEMPF, Werner; GUENOVA, Emmanuela; HAUN, Paul; TORRES-CABALA, Carlos; ROBSON, Alistair; QUERFELD, Christiane; JUNKINS-HOPKINS, Jacqueline; COZZIO, Antonio; PAPADAVID, Lia; QUAGLINO, Pietro; BELTRAMINELLI, Helmut; KNOBLER, Robert; STADLER, Rudi; GESKIN, Larisa; BAGOT, Martine; SUBTIL, Antonio; SANCHES JR., Jose A.; GUITART, Joan; ROOKE, Bethanie; DUVIC, Madeleine; ORTIZ, Pablo; KIM, Youn; BATTISTELLA, Maxime
2019Brentuximab vedotin (BV) versus physician's choice (PC) of methotrexate or bexarotene in adult patients with previously treated CD30-positive cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL; mycosis fungoides [MF] or primary cutaneous anaplastic large cell lymphoma [pcALCL]): final time to next therapy (TTNT) results from the phase 3 ALCANZA studySCARISBRICK, Julia; HORWITZ, Steven M.; PRINCE, H. Miles; WHITTAKER, Sean; DUVIC, Madeleine; KIM, Youn H.; QUAGLINO, Pietro; ZINZANI, Pier Luigi; BECHTER, Oliver; ERADAT, Herbert; PINTER-BROWN, Lauren; AKILOV, Oleg; GESKIN, Larisa; SANCHES, Jose; ORTIZ-ROMERO, Pablo; LISANO, Julie; BROWN, Lisa; BUNN, Veronica; LITTLE, Meredith; DUMMER, Reinhard
2019Folliculotropic mycosis fungoides presents with two distinct clinicopathological presentations: an international virtual studyHODAK, Emmilia; ZIC, John; BAGOT, Martine; GRU, Alejandro A.; BATTISTELLA, Maxime; MITTELDORF, Christina; COZZIO, Antonio; GUENOVA-HOTZENECKER, Emmanuella; GUITART, Joan; GESKIN, Larisa; KNOBLER, Robert; ORTIZ, Pablo; PAPADAVID, Lia; QUERFELD, Christiane; QUAGLINO, Pietro; ROOKE, Bethanie; STADLER, Rudolf; SANCHES, Jose A.; DUVIC, Madeleine; JUNKINS-HOPKINS, Jacqueline; PULITZER, M. Melissa; KEMPF, Werner; HAUN, Paul; TORRES-CABALA, Carlos; ROBSON, Alistair; BELTRAMINELLI, Helmut; SUBTIL, Antonio; KIM, Youn; SCARISBRICK, Julia
2019Blastic plasmocytoid dendritic cell neoplasm: a series of fourteen cases from a reference center in BrazilCURY-MARTINS, J.; OLIVEIRA, I. F.; MIYASHIRO, D.; PEREIRA, J.; ABDO, A. N. R.; ZERBINI, M. C.; GIANNOTTI, M. A.; SANCHES, J. A.
2019Peripheral T cell lymphoma, not otherwise specified involving the skin: is it always aggressive?CURY-MARTINS, J.; SANCHES, J. A.; CARVALHO, C. H. C.; MIYASHIRO, D.; LAGE, L. A. P. C.; ZERBINI, M. C.; GIANNOTTI, M. A.; PEREIRA, J.
2019Transformed mycosis fungoides in a Brazilian tertiary centerMIYASHIRO, D.; SOUZA, B. C. E.; CURY-MARTINS, J.; ABDO, A. N. R.; PEREIRA, J.; SANCHES, J. A.
2019Extranodal NK/T cell lymphoma, nasal type in a Brazilian tertiary centerSANCHES, J. A.; MIYASHIRO, D.; CURY-MARTINS, J.; ROSA, L. I. D.; PEREIRA, J.
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