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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The Most Frequent Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases (PIDDs) in Different Age GroupsCARNEIRO-SAMPAIO, M.; JACOB, C. M. Abe; PASTORINO, A. C.; WATANABE, L.; DORNA, M.; DORIA-FILHO, U.; KOKRON, C. M.; TOLEDO-BARROS, M.; MORAES-VASCONCELOS, D.; DUARTE, A.
2013Impaired APOBEC3G and TRIM-5 alpha expression in decidual and villi tissue of mothers infected by HIV-1PEREIRA, N. Z.; CARDOSO, E. C.; MITSUNARI, G. E.; RUOCCO, R. M. S. A.; ZUGAIB, M.; OLIVEIRA-FILHO, J. B.; DUARTE, A. J. S.; SATO, M. N.
2013Maternal allergen immunization in mice: Prevention of offspring early allergen sensitizationVICTOR, J. R.; OLIVEIRA, L. M.; LIRA, A. A. L.; MUNIZ, B. P.; DUARTE, A. J. S.; SATO, M. N.
2013Atopic dermatitis in adults: Augmented circulating IgG4 and IgE antibodies against Staphylococcus aureus enterotoxin BORFALI, R. L.; SATO, M. N.; SANTOS, V. G. Dos; TITZ, T. O.; DUARTE, A. S.; TAKAOKA, R.; AOKI, V.
2013Epitope spreading in pemphigus patients from Sao Paulo, Brazil: A 10-year follow-upDELGADO, Livia; MARUTA, Celina W.; SANTI, Claudia G.; MYAMOTO, Denise; AOKI, Valeria
2013Microbiological and immunological study in immunocompetent patient compromised by cryptococcosisSOARES, M. C. P.; VASCONCELOS, M.; FERREIRA, R.; DIAS, L.; COSTA, O. P.; PAULA, C. R.
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