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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Cholinergic stimulation with pyridostigmine improves autonomic function in infarcted ratsFUENTE, Raquel N. de La; RODRIGUES, Bruno; MORAES-SILVA, Ivana C.; SOUZA, Leandro E.; SIRVENTE, Raquel; MOSTARDA, Cristiano; ANGELIS, Katia De; SOARES, Pedro P.; LACCHINI, Silvia; CONSOLIM-COLOMBO, Fernanda; IRIGOYEN, Maria-Claudia
2013Low Levels of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ace) Do Not Prevent From Metabolic Alterations And Endothelial Dysfunction of Resistance Arteries Induced by High Fructose IntakeMORAES-SILVA, Ivana C.; IRIGOYEN, Maria-Claudia; CASARINI, Dulce E.
2013Impairment on cardiovascular and autonomic adjustments to maximal isometric exercise tests in offspring of hypertensive parentsFRANCICA, Juliana V.; HEEREN, Marcelo V.; TUBALDINI, Marcio; SARTORI, Michelle; MOSTARDA, Cristiano; ARAUJO, Rubens C.; IRIGOYEN, Maria-Claudia; ANGELIS, Katia De
2013Combined Exercise Training Induces Additional Cardiovascular Autonomic Benefits in Comparison to Dynamic Resistance Training in Ovariectomized Diabetic RatsSANCHES, Iris C.; CONTI, Filipe F.; QUINTEIRO, Hugo R.; BUZIN, Morgana; IRIGOYEN, Maria-Claudia; ANGELIS, Katia De
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