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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Attentional bias to threat in children at-risk for emotional disorders: role of gender and type of maternal emotional disorderMONTAGNER, Rachel; MOGG, Karin; BRADLEY, Brendan P.; PINE, Daniel S.; CZYKIEL, Marcelo S.; MIGUEL, Euripedes Constantino; ROHDE, Luis A.; MANFRO, Gisele G.; SALUM, Giovanni A.
2016Race and Resting-State Heart Rate Variability in Brazilian Civil Servants and the Mediating Effects of Discrimination: An ELSA-Brasil Cohort StudyKEMP, Andrew H.; KOENIG, Julian; THAYER, Julian F.; BITTENCOURT, Marcio S.; PEREIRA, Alexandre C.; SANTOS, Itamar S.; DANTAS, Eduardo M.; MILL, Jose G.; CHOR, Dora; RIBEIRO, Antonio L. P.; BENSENOR, Isabela M.; LOTUFO, Paulo A.
2016Age at Time of Initial Sexual Intercourse and Health of Adolescent GirlsLARA, Lucia A. S.; ABDO, Carmita H. N.
2016New challenges beyond nutrition: c-section, air pollution and domestic violenceFERRARO, A. A.; FERNANDES, M. T. B.; VIEIRA, S. E.
2016Evaluation of Sexual Dysfunction in Men With Spinal Cord Injury Using the Male Sexual QuotientMIRANDA, Eduardo P.; GOMES, Cristiano Mendes; BESSA JR., Jose de; ABDO, Carmita Helena Najjar; BELLUCCI, Carlos Henrique Suzuki; CASTRO FILHO, Jose Everton de; CARVALHO, Fabricio Leite de; SOUZA, Daniel Rubio de; BATTISTELLA, Linamara Rizzo; SCAZUFCA, Marcia; BRUSCHINI, Homero; BARROS FILHO, Tarcisio; SROUGI, Miguel.
2016Reproductive and genital health and risk of cervical human papillomavirus infection: results from the Ludwig-McGill cohort studySHAW, Eileen; RAMANAKUMAR, Agnihotram V.; EL-ZEIN, Mariam; SILVA, Flavia R.; GALAN, Lenice; BAGGIO, Maria L.; VILLA, Luisa L.; FRANCO, Eduardo L.
2016Air pollution and mortality in Sao Paulo, Brazil: Effects of multiple pollutants and analysis of susceptible populationsBRAVO, Mercedes A.; SON, Jiyoung; FREITAS, Clarice Umbelino de; GOUVEIA, Nelson; BELL, Michelle L.
2016Depression and Oral FTC/TDF Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Among Men and Transgender Women Who Have Sex With Men (MSM/TGW)DEFECHEREUX, Patricia A.; MEHROTRA, Megha; LIU, Albert Y.; MCMAHAN, Vanessa M.; GLIDDEN, David V.; MAYER, Kenneth H.; VARGAS, Lorena; AMICO, K. Rivet; CHODACKI, Piotr; FERNANDEZ, Telmo; AVELINO-SILVA, Vivian I.; BURNS, David; GRANT, Robert M.
2016Genetic Markers of the Host in Persons Living with HTLV-1, HIV and HCV InfectionsASSONE, Tatiane; PAIVA, Arthur; FONSECA, Luiz Augusto M.; CASSEB, Jorge
2016Sexual Compulsivity Scale, Compulsive Sexual Behavior Inventory, and Hypersexual Disorder Screening Inventory: Translation, Adaptation, and Validation for Use in BrazilSCANAVINO, Marco de T.; VENTUNEAC, Ana; RENDINA, H. Jonathon; ABDO, Carmita H. N.; TAVARES, Hermano; AMARAL, Maria L. S. do; MESSINA, Bruna; REIS, Sirlene C. dos; MARTINS, Joao P. L. B.; GORDON, Marina C.; VIEIRA, Julie C.; PARSONS, Jeffrey T.