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Title: Noise Attenuation Effects on Speech Recognition of Cochlear Implant Users Inside Helicopters
Authors: CALDEIRA, Juliana Maria AraujoGOFFI-GOMEZ, Maria Valeria SchmidtIMAMURA, RuiBENTO, Ricardo Ferreira
Citation: AEROSPACE MEDICINE AND HUMAN PERFORMANCE, v.92, n.11, p.880-885, 2021
Abstract: BACKGROUND: The speech recognition levels of cochlear implant (CI) users are still incompatible with ICAO hearing requirements for civil aviation pilots testing in the noisy background condition of the helicopter cockpit. In this study, we evaluated noise attenuation effects on speech recognition in the same background condition. METHODS: The study involved the evaluation of 12 Portuguese-speaking CI users with post-lingual deafness and with a pure tone average up to 35 dB HL between 500 and 2000 Hz and up to 50 dB at 3000 Hz on at least one of the ears, and of three normal hearing pilots (controls). We performed speech recognition tests using sentences, numbers, and disyllables for all participants through the VHF radio. The assessment took place inside a helicopter with engine on, using three setups: 1) with headset without the active noise cancellation; 2) activating the noise cancellation system of the headset itself; and 3) connecting the speech processor directly to the helicopter radio system. RESULTS: The headset active noise-cancellation improved only the recognition of sentences. The direct connection system compared to the headset without anti-noise attenuation significantly improved all the recognition tests. The median for numbers was 90%, but the best score for disyllables recognition was 56%. DISCUSSION: The noise attenuation resources proposed in this study improved the CI users'speech recognition when exposed to the noisy helicopter cockpit. However, speech recognition of CI users still did not meet the standards of ICAO, which requires at least 80% for understanding disyllables in the speech in noise test.
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