Comunicações em Eventos - FM/MOF

A coleção de Comunicações em Eventos compreende trabalhos completos ou resumos de conferências, comunicações orais ou pôsteres, apresentados em congressos, seminários, jornadas, simpósios ou outros tipos de eventos de caráter técnico-científico ou artístico-cultural, publicados em anais impressos ou em meios eletrônicos.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Intranasal Leptin Reduces Mortality from Opioid Overdose in MiceFREIRE, C.; PHO, H.; FONTI, S.; HOSAMANE, N.; KIM, L.; SENNES, L. U.; POLOTSKY, V. Y.
2021Treatment Outcomes in the Susanna Glaucoma Drainage Device after 1 Year of Follow-upSUSANNA, Fernanda; SUSANNA, Bianca; SUSANNA, Carolina Nicolela; NICOLELA, Marcelo; SUSANNA, Remo
2020Intranasal Leptin Prevents Opioid Induced Respiratory Depression in ObesityFREIRE, Carla; PHO, Huy; KIM, Lenise; WANG, Xin; DYAVANAPALLI, Jhansi; DERGACHEVA, Olga; STREETER, Stone; FLEURY-CURADO, Thomaz; SENNES, Luiz; POLOTSKY, Vsevolod
2017Lasting effects of prenatal marijuana exposure on the retina: an experimental study in miceZANTUT, Paulo; TAKAHASHI, Walter; YARIWAKE, Victor; TORRES, Janaina; PECORA, Ricardo; SAFATLE, Angelica; VERAS, Mariana; DAMICO, Francisco
2020Correlation between retinal sensitivity assessed by microperimetry and the full-thickness and ganglion cell complex thickness measurements after internal limiting membrane peeling in eyes with idiopathic epiretinal membraneDEFINA, Raphael Lucas Sampaio; MATOS, Aline Mota Freitas; COSTA-CUNHA, Luciana Virginia Ferreira; ZELLER, Camila Borelli; MONTEIRO, Mario L. R.; CUNHA, Leonardo Provetti
2020Prenatal exposure to marijuana causes morphological retinal changes in miceZANTUT, Paulo; VERAS, Mariana; TAKAHASHI, Walter; BENEVENUTO, Sarah; SAFATLE, Angelica; PECORA, Ricardo; SALDIVA, Paulo; DAMICO, Francisco Max
2020OCT findings in Patients with Parkinson's Disease with or Without Pramipexole TreatmentMONTEIRO, Mario L. R.; MELLO, Luiz Guilherme Marchesi; BISSOLI, Leandro Bortolon; MAIA, Raphael De Paula Doyle; SARAIVA, Fabio Petersen
2020Multimodal Evaluation of patients with Primary Antiphospholipid Syndrome Using Optical Coherence Angiotomography and MicroperimetryZACHARIAS, Leandro C.; RODRIGUES NETO, Taurino dos Santos; SILVA NETO, Epitacio Dias da; HIGASHI, Alex Haruo; BALBI, Gustavo; BONFA, Eloisa Silva Dutra Oliveira; MONTEIRO, Mario L. R.; ANDRADE, Danieli Castro Oliveira
2019Trends in pathogens and antibiotic resistance of corneal culture isolates in infectious keratitis in Sao Paulo, Brazil, over a 5-year periodOLIVEIRA, Luiza Manhezi Shin de Shin de; TANAKA, Tatiana; KATO, Juliana Mika; ROSSI, Flavia; ALMEIDA JUNIOR, Joao Nobrega de; GIOIA, Thais Romano Sabato di; GIGLIO, Veronica Bresciani; ALVES, Milton Ruiz; SANTO, Ruth Miyuki
2019The influence of fluorescein and Goldmann's Applanation Tonometry on the Ultra-high Speed Dynamic Scheimpflug Non-contact TonometryMACEDO, Marcelo; HATANAKA, Marcelo; SUSANNA, Remo; AMBROSIO, Renato
2013Evaluation of Inner Retinal Thicknesses in the Macula of Patients with Chronic Papilledema from Pseudotumor Cerebri Syndrome Using Frequency Domain OCTAFONSO, Clara; RAZA, Ali; FERNANDES, Danilo; HOOD, Donald; MONTEIRO, Mario
2019Effect of Body Position on Anterior Chamber Angle Dimensions Assessed by Anterior Segment Optical Coherence TomographyPENTEADO, Rafaella; XU, Benjamin; YANG, Diya; PROUDFOOT, James; SUSANNA, Remo; WEINREB, Robert N.
2014Association of the Y402H polymorphism of CFH gene with response of exudative AMD to intravitreal VEGF inhibitors in the Brazilian populationMEDINA, Flavio Mac Cord; MOTTA, Augusto Lopes Alves da; TAKAHASHI, Walter Y.; CARRICONDO, Pedro Carlos; MOTTA, Mario Martins dos Santos; MELO, Monica B.; VASCONCELLOS, Jose Paulo C.
2018Short-Term Effects of Intravitreal Bevacizumab in Contrast Sensitivity of Patients with Diabetic Macular Edema and Optimizing Glycemic ControlMOTTA, Augusto; BONANOMI, Maria Teresa B. C.; FERRAZ, Daniel Araujo; PRETI, Rony Carlos; SOPHIE, Raafay; MEDINA, Flavio Mac Cord; ABALEM, Maria Fernanda; QUEIROZ, Marcia; PIMENTEL, Sergio Luis G.; TAKAHASHI, Walter Yukihiko, et al
2018Synergistic Co-Activation of Lingual Protrusors and Retractors Is Required to Stabilize the Upper Airway During SleepCURADO, T. A. Fleury; OTVOS, T.; KLOPFER, T.; SENNES, L.; PHAM, L. V.; POLOTSKY, V. Y.; SCHWARTZ, A. R.
2018Chemogenetic Silencing of Hypoglossal Motor Neurons Creates a Model of Upper Airway Obstruction During SleepCURADO, T. A. Fleury; PHO, H.; BERGER, S.; SENNES, L.; SCHWARTZ, A. R.; POLOTSKY, V.
2018Effect of panretinal photocoagulation on confocal laser scanning ophthalmoscopy and stereo photographic parameters of the optic disc topography in diabetic retinopathy patientsAZEVEDO, Breno; ARAUJO, Rafael Barbosa de; CIONGOLI, Marina; CUNHA, Leonardo Provetti; PRETI, Rony Carlos; HATANAKA, Marcelo; ZACHARIAS, Leandro C.; MONTEIRO, Mario L. R.
2018OCT analysis of Bruch's opening-minimum rim width and cup depth in eyes with compressive chiasmal lesions. Correlation with peripapillary retinal nerve fiber layer and standard automated perimetry.ARAUJO, Rafael Barbosa de; ZACHARIAS, Leandro C.; OYAMADA, Maria Kiyoko; PRETI, Rony Carlos; MONTEIRO, Mario L. R.
2018Retinal neuronal loss detected by swept-source optical coherence tomography in patients with mild cognitive impairmentCUNHA, Leonardo Provetti; ALMEIDA, Ana Laura Maciel; COSTA-CUNHA, Luciana Virginia Ferreira; FIGUEIREDO, Evelyn Alvernaz; PRETI, Rony Carlos; ZACHARIAS, Leandro C.; MONTEIRO, Mario L. R.
2018Assessment of the outflow drainage system in AMD after multiple anti-VEGF intravitreous injectionsCARRICONDO, Pedro C.; ZACHARIAS, Leandro C.; RODRIGUES, Taurino; YAGAESHI, Larissa Y.; PIMENTEL, Sergio Luis G.; ABALEM, Maria Fernanda; MORAES, C. Gustavo De; SUSANNA, Remo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 59