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Title: Diabetes and subclinical hypothyroidism on heart rate variability
Authors: HOSHI, Rosangela A.SANTOS, Itamar S.DANTAS, Eduardo M.V, Rodrigo AndreaoMILL, Jose G.DUNCAN, Bruce B.I, Maria SchmidtLOTUFO, Paulo A.BENSENOR, Isabela
Citation: EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION, v.50, n.12, article ID e13349, 10p, 2020
Abstract: Background We aimed to analyse if the effects of coexistent diabetes and subclinical hypothyroidism extend to the cardio autonomic nervous system, using heart rate variability baseline data from the Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Adult Health. Materials and Methods Heart rate variability analyses were performed by linear time and frequency domains in 5-minute time series collected in the supine position. The associations of diabetes and subclinical hypothyroidism with the lowest quartile group for heart rate and the highest quartile group for each heart rate variability parameter were analysed using additive and multiplicative terms in logistic models. For the first approach, the subsample was categorized into four groups: subjects without diabetes and normal thyroid function (controls); subjects without diabetes and subclinical hypothyroidism; patients with diabetes and normal thyroid function; and patients with diabetes and subclinical hypothyroidism. For the interaction alnalysis, diabetes and subclinical hypothyroidism diagnoses were included in separate, along with a multiplicative interaction term between them. Results Point odds ratio estimates for the 4th quartiles of heart rate, and 1st quartiles of all heart rate variability measurements were higher for subjects with combined diabetes and subclinical hypothyroidism than for diabetes only, independently of main sociodemographic and clinical variables (HR: 8.33 vs 2.63; SDNN: 2.59 vs 1.61; RMSSD: 2.37 vs 1.42; LF: 2.83 vs 1.71; HF: 3.06 vs 1.39), but not independently of HbA1c and TSH. Only the interaction term for the association with heart rate, adjusted for sociodemographic and clinical variables, had borderline statistical significance. Conclusion Diabetes and subclinical hypothyroidism exert a potential joint impact on cardiac autonomic control, showed by additive effects between diabetes and subclinical hypothyroidism, as well as a significant interaction term for the association with heart rate.
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