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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Health impact modelling of different travel patterns on physical activity, air pollution and road injuries for Sao Paulo, BrazilSA, Thiago Herick de; TAINIO, Marko; GOODMAN, Anna; EDWARDS, Phil; HAINES, Andy; GOUVEIA, Nelson; MONTEIRO, Carlos; WOODCOCK, James
2016Effects of Particulate Matter and Its Chemical Constituents on Elderly Hospital Admissions Due to Circulatory and Respiratory DiseasesFERREIRA, Tatiane Morais; FORTI, Maria Cristina; FREITAS, Clarice Umbelino de; NASCIMENTO, Felipe Parra; JUNGER, Washington Leite; GOUVEIA, Nelson
2019Drink driving and speeding in Sao Paulo, Brazil: empirical cross-sectional study (2015-2018)ANDREUCCETTI, Gabriel; LEYTON, Vilma; CARVALHO, Heraclito Barbosa; SINAGAWA, Daniele M.; BOMBANA, Henrique S.; PONCE, Julio C.; ALLEN, Katharine A.; VECINO-ORTIZ, Andres I.; HYDER, Adnan A.
2016Poluição do ar e impactos na saúde em Vitória, Espírito SantoFREITAS, Clarice Umbelino de; LEON, Antonio Ponce de; JUGER, Washington; GOUVEIA, Nelson
2020Vehicular traffic density and cognitive performance in the ELSA-Brasil studyROCHA, Douglas; SUEMOTO, Claudia K.; SANTOS, Itamar Souza; LOTUFO, Paulo A.; BENSENOR, Isabela; GOUVEIA, Nelson
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