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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Exercising in Air Pollution: The Cleanest versus Dirtiest Cities ChallengePASQUA, Leonardo Alves; DAMASCENO, Mayara Vieira; CRUZ, Ramon; MATSUDA, Monique; MARTINS, Marco Garcia; LIMA-SILVA, Adriano Eduardo; MARQUEZINI, Monica; SALDIVA, Paulo Hilario Nascimento; BERTUZZI, Romulo
2020Exercising in the urban center: Inflammatory and cardiovascular effects of prolonged exercise under air pollutionPASQUA, Leonardo A.; V, Mayara Damasceno; CRUZ, Ramon; MATSUDA, Monique; MARTINS, Marco A. G.; V, Monica Marquezini; LIMA-SILVA, Adriano E.; SALDIVA, Paulo H. N.; BERTUZZI, Romulo
2021Traffic-related air pollution and endurance exercise: Characterizing non-targeted serum metabolomics profilingCRUZ, Ramon; PASQUA, Leonardo; SILVEIRA, Andre; DAMASCENO, Mayara; MATSUDA, Monique; MARTINS, Marco; MARQUEZINI, Monica V.; LIMA-SILVA, Adriano Eduardo; SALDIVA, Paulo; BERTUZZI, Romulo
2022Air pollution and high-intensity interval exercise: Implications to anti-inflammatory balance, metabolome and cardiovascular responsesCRUZ, Ramon; KOCH, Sarah; MATSUDA, Monique; MARQUEZINI, Monica; SFORCA, Mauricio L.; LIMA-SILVA, Adriano E.; SALDIVA, Paulo; KOEHLE, Michael; BERTUZZI, Romulo
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