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Title: Chronicle air pollution exposition and semen quality in hypercolesterolemic mice
Citation: PLACENTA, v.34, n.2, p.A10-A10, 2013
Abstract: Air pollution (AP) is associated to lose of semen quality. It is also known that some population groups are more susceptible to atmospheric pollution effects due to a pre-existing health condition. This work detailed the effects AP in semen quality of mice knockout for low density lipoprotein receptor that represents an important risk group of human population. Animals were exposed to AP during pre and/or post natal period until adult life, with or without hypercholesterolemic diet. Semen analysis comprised sperm number and morphology, membrane, acrosome and DNA integrity, mitochondrial activity, oxidative stress and cytokines expression of seminal vesicle. The combination of the three factors (AP pre/post natal exposure and hypercholesterolemia) negatively impacted DNA fragmentation, mitochondrial activity, membrane integrity and oxidative stress. Other parameters did not show significant differences. Air pollution combined with hypercholesterolemia condition potentiated the negative effects on important parameters of semen leading male mice to present low fertility/infertility.
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