Artigos e Materiais de Revistas Científicas - LIM/23

A coleção de Artigos e Materiais de Revistas Científicas engloba artigos originais, artigos de revisão, artigos de atualização, artigos técnicos, relatos de experiências, resenhas, ensaios, editoriais, cartas ao editor, debates, notas científicas e técnicas, depoimentos, entrevistas e pontos de vista. Consideram-se como artigos científicos originais os trabalhos redigidos para divulgação de informações e resultados sobre determinada pesquisa científica, publicados em periódico científico após avaliação por outros pesquisadores.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022The thalamus and its subnuclei-a gateway to obsessive-compulsive disorderWEELAND, Cees J.; KASPRZAK, Selina; JOODE, Niels T. de; ABE, Yoshinari; ALONSO, Pino; AMEIS, Stephanie H.; ANTICEVIC, Alan; ARNOLD, Paul D.; BALACHANDER, Srinivas; BANAJ, Nerisa, et al
2022Barriers to treatment for mental disorders in six countries of the Americas: A regional report from the World Mental Health SurveysOROZCO, Ricardo; VIGO, Daniel; BENJET, Corina; BORGES, Guilherme; AGUILAR-GAXIOLA, Sergio; ANDRADE, Laura H.; CIA, Alfredo; HWANG, Irving; KESSLER, Ronald C.; PIAZZA, Marina, et al
2021I don't need any treatment'' - barriers to mental health treatment in the general population of a megacityCOELHO, Bruno M.; SANTANA, Geilson L.; VIANA, Maria C.; WANG, Yuan-Pang; ANDRADE, Laura H.
2021The Family Health Strategy as an indicator for coping with COVID-19 in Santa Catarina, BrazilLIEBEL, Graziela; ROCHA-FERNANDES, Anita-Maria da; STEFFENS-HENRIQUE, Alisson; PASQUAL-FOGACA, Guilherme; MEZADRI, Tatiana; WANG, Yuan-Pang
2021Global mortality from dementia: Application of a new method and results from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019NICHOLS, Emma; ABD-ALLAH, Foad; ABDOLI, Amir; ABOSETUGN, Akine Eshete; ABRHA, Woldu Aberhe; ABUALHASAN, Ahmed; ABU-GHARBIEH, Eman; AKINYEMI, Rufus Olusola; ALAHDAB, Fares; ALANEZI, Fahad Mash-Hour, et al
2021Off-label use of ivermectin for COVID-19: Are there any neuropsychiatric effects to be aware of?O'HIGGINS, Marcelo G.; BARRIOS, Juan I.; ALMIRON-SANTACRUZ, Jose D.; CASTALDELLI-MAIA, Joao M.; VENTRIGLIO, Antonio; TORALES, Julio C.
2022Effects of antidepressant drug therapy with or without physical exercise on inflammatory biomarkers in major depressive disorder: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trialsFERNANDES, Beatriz Monteiro; SCOTTI-MUZZI, Estevao; SOEIRO-DE-SOUZA, Marcio Gerhardt
2022Assessing the impact of urban environment and green infrastructure on mental health: results from the Sao Paulo Megacity Mental Health SurveyMOREIRA, Tiana C. L.; POLIZE, Jefferson L.; BRITO, Marceli; SILVA FILHO, Demostenes F. da; CHIAVEGATO FILHO, Alexandre D. P.; VIANA, Maria Carmem; ANDRADE, Laura Helena; MAUAD, Thais
2021Neuronal-Glial Interaction in a Triple-Transgenic Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease: Gene Ontology and Lithium Pathways (vol 14, 579984, 2020)ROCHA, Nicole Kemberly R.; THEMOTEO, Rafael; BRENTANI, Helena; FORLENZA, Orestes V.; PAULA, Vanessa De Jesus Rodrigues De
2022ADHD and autism symptoms in youth: a network analysisFARHAT, Luis C.; BRENTANI, Helena; TOLEDO, Victor Hugo Calegari de; SHEPHARD, Elizabeth; MATTOS, Paulo; BARON-COHEN, Simon; THAPAR, Anita; CASELLA, Erasmo; POLANCZYK, Guilherme V.
2021Acceptance and commitment therapy-based behavioral intervention for insomnia: a pilot randomized controlled trialRAFIHI-FERREIRA, Renatha El; MORIN, Charles M.; TOSCANINI, Andrea C.; LOTUFO, Francisco; BRASIL, Israel S.; GALLINARO, Joao G.; BORGES, Daniel Suzuki; CONWAY, Silvia G.; HASAN, Rosa
2022Not only pharmacodynamic: the role of brain circuits in improving the treatment of suicidal thoughts and behaviorsDAMIANO, Rodolfo Furlan; MIGUEL, Euripedes Constantino; SHEPHARD, Elizabeth; MADEIRA, Nuno
2022Mental Health Impact in Latin American Pediatric Rheumatologists During the COVID-19 PandemicKOZU, Katia T.; CASELLA, Caio B.; STRABELLI, Claudia A. A.; AIKAWA, Nadia E.; CAMPOS, Lucia M. A.; ELIAS, Adriana M.; MIGUEL, Euripedes C.; V, Guilherme Polanczyk; SILVA, Clovis A.
2022Using supervised machine learning on neuropsychological data to distinguish OCD patients with and without sensory phenomena from healthy controls (vol 60, pg 77, 2021)STAMATIS, C. A.; BATISTUZZO, M. C.; TANAMATIS, T.; MIGUEL, E. C.; HOEXTER, M. Q.; TIMPANO, K. R.
2022Relationship between family history of alcohol problems and different clusters of depressive symptomsCASTALDELLI-MAIA, J. M.; SILVA, N. R.; VENTRIGLIO, A.; GIL, F.; TORALES, J.; BHUGRA, D.; ANDRADE, A. G. de; BALDASSIN, S.
2022Factor structure of the Dimensional Yale-Brown Obsessive-Compulsive Scale in a large sample of adults with obsessive-compulsive disorderBATISTUZZO, Marcelo C.; FONTENELLE, Leonardo; FERRAO, Ygor A.; ROSARIO, Maria C.; MIGUEL, Euripedes C.; FATORI, Daniel
2021Mental health interventions following COVID-19 and other coronavirus infections: a systematic review of current recommendations and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trialsDAMIANO, Rodolfo F.; SANTI, Talita Di; BEACH, Scott; PAN, Pedro M.; LUCCHETTI, Alessandra L.; SMITH, Felicia A.; FORLENZA, Orestes V.; FRICCHIONE, Gregory L.; MIGUEL, Euripedes C.; LUCCHETTI, Giancarlo
2022Antipsychotics preserve telomere length in peripheral blood mononuclear cells after acute oxidative stress injuryPOLHO, Gabriel B.; CARDILLO, Giancarlo M.; KERR, Daniel S.; CHILE, Thais; GATTAZ, Wagner F.; FORLENZA, Orestes V.; BRENTANI, Helena P.; DE-PAULA, Vanessa J.
2022Longitudinal patterns of comorbidity between anxiety, depression and binge eating symptoms among patients with obesity: A path analysisDUARTE-GUERRA, Leorides Severo; KORTCHMAR, Estela; MARAVIGLIA, Elaine Cristina Soares; COSTA, Thais da Silva; LASMAR, Camila Migliorin; MORIN, Regina Maria Rodrigues; GROSSI, Ivanimeire Oliveira; VILLARES, Julia Faria; CREMONESI, Mariane Carvalho; WATANUKI, Hugo Martinelli, et al
2022A home-based exercise program during COVID-19 pandemic: Perceptions and acceptability of juvenile systemic lupus erythematosus and juvenile idiopathic arthritis adolescents.SIECZKOWSKA, Sofia Mendes; ASTLEY, Camilla; MARQUES, Isabela Gouveia; IRAHA, Amanda Yuri; FRANCO, Tathiane Christine; IHARA, Bianca Pires; LAVORATO, Sofia Simao Martins; LINDOSO, Livia; SETOUE, Debora Narumi Demitrol; TANIGAVA, Nicolas Yamada, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 750