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Esta área lista os itens associados a setores não declarados na estrutura de departamentos da Faculdade de Medicina, além de trabalhos desenvolvidos por pesquisadores visitantes na Instituição ou ligados a entidades associadas.


Recent Submissions

  1. miRNAs as prognostic predictors in acute myeloid leukemia

    TRANSLATIONAL CANCER RESEARCH, v.12, n.7, p.1656-1659, 2023

  2. Occurrence of <i>Hepatozoon</i> in Some Reptiles from Brazilian Biomes with Molecular and Morphological Characterization of <i>Hepatozoon caimani</i>

    DIVERSITY-BASEL, v.15, n.12, article ID 1192, 15p, 2023

    Amphibians and reptiles represent a considerable proportion of the vertebrate fauna in Brazil. Different blood parasitic infections have been reported in these groups, such as Haemogregarina, Hepatozoon, Trypanosoma and microfilariae. However, insufficient research on interactions between these p...

  3. Insights into the evolutionary history of the most skilled tool-handling platyrrhini monkey:<i> Sapajus</i><i> libidinosus</i> from the Serra da Capivara National Park

    GENETICS AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, v.46, n.3, suppl.1, article ID e20231065, 11p, 2023

    Sapajus libidinosus members of the Pedra Furada group, living in the Serra da Capivara National Park, use stone tools in a wider variety of behaviors than any other living animal, except humans. To rescue the evolutionary history of the Caatinga S. libidinosus and identify factors that may have c...

  4. Effects of Semisupervised Exercise Training on Health Outcomes in People With Lung or Head and Neck Cancer: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial

    JMIR RESEARCH PROTOCOLS, v.12, article ID e43547, 10p, 2023

    Background: Lung or head and neck cancers are known for their high prevalence and mortality rates. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are usually recommended as cancer treatment for these malignancies; however, they can negatively impact both the physical and mental status of patients. Hence, it is re...

  5. Dimensions of harassment at school: dialogs about gender with young high school students in Sao Paulo/Brazil

    INTERFACE-COMUNICACAO SAUDE EDUCACAO, v.27, article ID e.220647, 15p, 2023

    In this article, we discuss uses of ""harassment"" as a category employed by young students from public high schools to make sense of violence and gender discrimination experiences that occur in and out of school. The analysis is based on fieldwork records produced within the scope of a multicent...

  6. Promotion of ultra-processed foods in Brazil: combined use of claims and promotional features on packaging

    REVISTA DE SAUDE PUBLICA, v.57, article ID 44, 15p, 2023

    OBJECTIVE: To assess the availability of different promotional strategies applied for UPF sales in Brazilian food retailers. METHODS: Information available on food packaging was gathered from all packaged products sold in the five largest food retail chains in Brazil in 2017. UPF were identified ...

  7. Using Physiological Laboratory Tests and Neuromuscular Functions to Predict Extreme Ultratriathlon Performance

    RESEARCH QUARTERLY FOR EXERCISE AND SPORT, v.94, n.4, p.1183-1191, 2023

    Purpose: This study aims to investigate the relationship between split disciplines and overall extreme ultra-triathlon (EUT) performance and verify the relationship among physiological and neuromuscular measurements with both fractional and total EUT performance while checking which variables cou...

  8. Malignant neoplasm of breast in Brazilian women: A cross-sectional study from 2008 to 2019


    Objective: Breast cancer is the most lethal malignancy for women worldwide. Developed countries, such as Portugal, Spain, and the United States, have declining mortality rates due to breast cancer; however, in developing countries, the epidemiological reports are scarce. In this context, the aims...

  9. Maternal plasma transforming growth factor-b1 (TGF-b1) and newborn size: the Araraquara Cohort Study

    JORNAL DE PEDIATRIA, v.99, n.3, p.284-288, 2023

    Objective: To investigate associations of maternal and cord blood cytokine patterns with new-born size and body composition. Methods: This cross-sectional study involved 70 pregnant women and their healthy newborns selected from the ""Araraquara Cohort Study"". Newborn anthropometric measurements...

  10. Higher urea-to-albumin ratio is associated with mortality risk in critically ill COVID-19 patients

    CLINICAL NUTRITION ESPEN, v.56, p.9-12, 2023

    Background: This study aimed to evaluate the ability of the urea-to-albumin ratio (UAR) to predict mortality in critically ill coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) patients. Methods: This retrospective study included adult patients admitted with COVID-19 at two intensive care units (ICUs) at the U...