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A coleção de Artigos e Materiais de Revistas Científicas engloba artigos originais, artigos de revisão, artigos de atualização, artigos técnicos, relatos de experiências, resenhas, ensaios, editoriais, cartas ao editor, debates, notas científicas e técnicas, depoimentos, entrevistas e pontos de vista. Consideram-se como artigos científicos originais os trabalhos redigidos para divulgação de informações e resultados sobre determinada pesquisa científica, publicados em periódico científico após avaliação por outros pesquisadores.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Promoting mother-infant relationships and underlying neural correlates: Results from a randomized controlled trial of a home-visiting program for adolescent mothers in BrazilALARCAO, Fernanda Speggiorin Pereira; SHEPHARD, Elizabeth; FATORI, Daniel; AMAVEL, Renata; CHIESA, Anna; FRACOLLI, Lislaine; MATIJASEVICH, Alicia; BRENTANI, Helena; NELSON, Charles A.; LECKMAN, James, et al
2021Implication of the New AJCC pT Classification of SCC of the Lip Comparing With Other Oral SubsitesTOLEDO, Loic Monginet; OLIVEIRA, Adriana Santos de; PINHEIRO, Renan Aguera; LEITE, Ana Kober Nogueira; MELLO, Evandro Sobroza de; MOYSES, Raquel Ajub; KULCSAR, Marco Aurelio V.; DEDIVITIS, Rogerio Aparecido; KOWALSKI, Luiz Paulo; MATOS, Leandro Luongo
2021The effects of treadmill exercise in animal models of Parkinson's disease: A systematic reviewFERREIRA, Ana Flavia F.; BINDA, Karina Henrique; REAL, Caroline Cristiano
2021Machine Learning for Prediction of Stable Warfarin Dose in US Latinos and Latin AmericansSTEINER, Heidi E.; GILES, Jason B.; PATTERSON, Hayley Knight; FENG, Jianglin; ROUBY, Nihal El; CLAUDIO, Karla; MARCATTO, Leiliane Rodrigues; TAVARES, Leticia Camargo; GALVEZ, Jubby Marcela; CALDERON-OSPINA, Carlos-Alberto, et al
2021Proximity of schools to roads and students' academic performance: A cross-sectional study in the Federal District, BrazilREQUIA, Weeberb J.; KILL, Erick; AMINI, Heresh
2021Regadenoson-induced T-wave heterogeneity complements coronary stenosis detection by myocardial perfusion imaging in men and womenSILVA, Bruna Araujo; HAUSER, Thomas H.; NEARING, Bruce D.; BORTOLOTTO, Alexandre L.; MARUM, Alexandre A.; SILVA, Fernanda Tessarolo; MEDEIROS, Sofia A.; PEDREIRA, Giovanna C.; V, Ernest Gervino; VERRIER, Richard L.
2021Warm-Up Intensity Does Not Affect the Ergogenic Effect of Sodium Bicarbonate in Adult MenJONES, Rebecca L.; STELLINGWERFF, Trent; SWINTON, Paul; ARTIOLI, Guilherme Giannini; SAUNDERS, Bryan; SALE, Craig
2019Update on DesensitizationCAMPOS, Lucila; HAMADI, Sahar A.; LYNCH, Donna-Marie; MARQUIS, Kathleen; CASTELLS, Mariana C.
2021Asthma endotypes and COVID-19ALBERCA, Ricardo Wesley
2021Influence of Chronic Exposure to Exercise on Heart Rate Variability in Children and Adolescents Affected by Obesity: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisDIAS, Rodrigo M.; MORAES, ibis A. P.; DANTAS, Maria T. A. P.; FERNANI, Deborah C. G. L.; FONTES, Anne M. G. G.; SILVEIRA, Ana C.; BARNABE, Viviani; FERNANDES, Marcelo; MARTINELLI, Patricia M.; MONTEIRO, Carlos B. M., et al
2021Maternal depression trajectories and offspring positive attributes and social aptitudes at early adolescence: 2004 Pelotas birth cohortMARUYAMA, Jessica Mayumi; SANTOS, Ina S.; MUNHOZ, Tiago Neuenfeld; MATIJASEVICH, Alicia
2021Etiological profile and main imaging findings in patients with granulomatous diseases who underwent lung biopsyOLIVEIRA, Camila Vilela de; HORVAT, Natally; TESTAGROSSA, Leonardo de Abreu; ROMAO, Davi dos Santos; RASSI, Marina Bastos; LEE, Hye Ju
2021Mindfulness Practice for Glycemic Control: Could it be a New Strategy for an Old Problem? A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisBERSCH-FERREIRA, Angela Cristine; WEBER, Bernardete; SILVA, Joao Gabriel Sanchez Tavares da; PAGANO, Raira; FIGUEIRO, Mabel Fernandes; SILVA, Lucas Ribeiro da; MOTA, Luis Gustavo de Souza; SUZUMURA, Erica Aranha; TORREGLOSA, Camila Ragne; LARA, Enilda de Sousa, et al
2021The Use of Cardiac Autonomic Responses to Aerobic Exercise in Elderly Stroke Patients: Functional Rehabilitation as a Public Health PolicyRAIMUNDO, Rodrigo Daminello; ZANGIROLAMI-RAIMUNDO, Juliana; LEONE, Claudio; CARVALHO, Tatiana Dias de; SILVA, Talita Dias da; BEZERRA, Italla Maria Pinheiro; ALMEIDA, Alvaro Dantas de; VALENTI, Vitor Engracia; ABREU, Luiz Carlos de
2021Usual source of healthcare and use of sexual and reproductive health services by female sex workers in BrazilMATTEONI, Talita Castro Garcia; MAGNO, Laio; LUPPI, Carla Gianna; GRANGEIRO, Alexandre; SZWARCWALD, Celia Landmann; DOURADO, Ines
2021Excess deaths from all causes and by COVID-19 in Brazil in 2020SANTOS, Alcione Miranda dos; SOUZA, Bruno Feres de; CARVALHO, Carolina Abreu de; CAMPOS, Marcos Adriano Garcia; OLIVEIRA, Bruno Luciano Carneiro Alves de; DINIZ, Eduardo Moraes; BRANCO, Maria dos Remedios Freitas Carvalho; QUEIROZ, Rejane Christine de Sousa; CARVALHO, Vitoria Abreu de; ARAUJO, Waleska Regina Machado, et al
2021PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND SYMPTOMS OF ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION AMONG MEDICAL STUDENTS DURING A PANDEMICMENDES, Tassia Barcelos; SOUZA, Karla Cardoso de; FRANCA, Carolina Nunes; ROSSI, Fabricio Eduardo; SANTOS, Rafael Pereira Guimaraes; DUAILIBI, Kalil; TULETA, Izabela; ARMOND, Jane de Eston; STUBBS, Brendon; NEVES, Lucas Melo
2021Using Fitbit as an mHealth Intervention Tool to Promote Physical Activity: Potential Challenges and SolutionsBALBIM, Guilherme M.; MARQUES, Isabela G.; MARQUEZ, David X.; PATEL, Darshilmukesh; SHARP, Lisa K.; KITSIOU, Spyros; NYENHUIS, Sharmilee M.
2021Cardiovascular Manifestations in the Pediatric Population with COVID-19, What is the Real Relevance?SOARES, Andressa Mussi; SOARES, Bernardo Mussi
2021Pseudoskeptical and pseudoscientific strategies used in attacks on homeopathyTEIXEIRA, Marcus Zulian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1756