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A coleção de Artigos e Materiais de Revistas Científicas engloba artigos originais, artigos de revisão, artigos de atualização, artigos técnicos, relatos de experiências, resenhas, ensaios, editoriais, cartas ao editor, debates, notas científicas e técnicas, depoimentos, entrevistas e pontos de vista. Consideram-se como artigos científicos originais os trabalhos redigidos para divulgação de informações e resultados sobre determinada pesquisa científica, publicados em periódico científico após avaliação por outros pesquisadores.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Role of Ultrasound Elastography in Patient Selection for Prostatic Artery EmbolizationASSIS, Andre Moreira de; MOREIRA, Airton Mota; CARNEVALE, Francisco Cesar; MARCELINO, Antonio Sergio Zafred; ANTUNES, Alberto Azoubel; SROUGI, Miguel; CERRI, Giovanni Guido
2021Identification of secondary predictive factors for acute hypocalcemia following thyroidectomy in patients with low postoperative parathyroid hormone levels without overt calcium deficiency: A cohort studyCARVALHO, Genival Barbosa de; DIAMANTINO, Leticia Ricardo; SCHIAVETO, Luiz Felipe; FORSTER, Carlos Henrique Quartucci; SHIGUEMORI, Elcio Hideti; HIRATA, Daisy; KOHLER, Hugo Fontan; LIRA, Renan Bezerra; VARTANIAN, Jose Guilherme; MARTIELI, Jose Elias, et al
2021Facial Dysmorphology in Saethre-Chotzen SyndromeJUNN, Alexandra; DINIS, Jacob; LU, Xiaona; FORTE, Antonio Jorge; MOZAFFARI, Mohammad Ali; PHILLIPS, Sarah; LOPEZ, Joseph; ALONSO, Nivaldo; PERSING, John A.; ALPEROVICH, Michael
2021Pyeloplasty in Adults With Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction in Poorly Functioning Kidneys: A Systematic ReviewFREITAS, Pedro. F. S.; BARBOSA, Joao. A. B. A.; ANDRADE, Hiury S.; ARAP, Marco A.; MITRE, Anuar I.; NAHAS, William C.; SROUGI, Miguel; DUARTE, Ricardo J.; SROUGI, Victor
2021Differences in procedural metrics and clinical outcomes among patients treated by fenestrated-branched endovascular repair of thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms using infrarenal aortic versus iliac sealing zonesLIMA, Guilherme Barbosa; TENORIO, Emanuel R.; MARCONDES, Giulianna B.; WONG, Joshua; SAQIB, Naveed; MENDES, Bernardo C.; LUCCIA, Nelson De; ODERICH, Gustavo S.
2021Can increased expression of miR-Let-7c reduce the transition potential of high-grade urothelial carcinoma?GOMES, Paulo Ricardo da Silva; CANDIDO, Patricia; GHAZARIAN, Vitoria; CAMARGO, Juliana A.; GUIMARAES, Vanessa R.; GONCALVES, Guilherme L.; ROMAO, Poliana; SILVA, Iran A.; SROUGI, Miguel; NAHAS, William C., et al
2021Comment on: Shatagopam K, Bahler CD, Sundaram CP. Renorrhaphy techniques and effect on renal function with robotic partial nephrectomy. World J Urol. 2020;38: 1109-12SROUGI, Victor; ISCAIFE, Alexandre; SROUGI, Miguel
2021Does previous standard percutaneous nephrolithotomy impair retrograde intrarenal surgery outcomes?DANILOVIC, Alexandre; TORRICELLI, Fabio Cesar Miranda; MARCHINI, Giovanni Scala; BATAGELLO, Carlos; VICENTINI, Fabio Carvalho; TRAXER, Olivier; SROUGI, Miguel; NAHAS, William C.; MAZZUCCHI, Eduardo
2021The influence of adipocyte-derived stem cells (ASCs) on the ischemic epigastric flap survival in diabetic ratsCAMARGO, Cristina Pires; KUBRUSLY, Marcia Saldanha; MORAIS-BESTEIRO, Julio; HARMSEN, Martim Conrad; GEMPERLI, Rolf
2021Early administration of fibrinogen concentrate in patients with polytrauma with thromboelastometry suggestive of hypofibrinogenemia: A randomized feasibility trialLUCENA, Lucas Siqueira de; RODRIGUES, Roseny Dos Reis; CARMONA, Maria Jose Carvalho; NORONHA, Francisco Jose Diniz; OLIVEIRA, Heleno de Paiva; LIMA, Natalia Martins; PINHEIRO, Rodrigo Brandao; SILVA, Wallace Andrino da; CAVALCANTI, Alexandre Biasi
2021First Brazilian pediatric hospital to adopt 1-hour preoperative fasting time for clear fluids for elective surgeriesCARDOSO, Priscilla Ferreira Neto; QUINTAO, Vinicius Caldeira; PERINI, Bruno; CARMONA, Maria Jose Carvalho; CARLOS, Ricardo Vieira; SIMOES, Claudia Marquez
2021Detecting and grading prostate cancer in radical prostatectomy specimens through deep learning techniquesMELO, Petronio Augusto de Souza; ESTIVALLET, Carmen Liane Neubarth; SROUGI, Miguel; NAHAS, William Carlos; LEITE, Katia Ramos Moreira
2021The potential threats and benefits of nephron-sparing surgery can be predicted by any available score systemMITRE, Anuar Ibrahim
2021Treatment of renal lower pole stones: an updateMAZZUCCHI, Eduardo; BERTO, Fernanda C. G.; DENSTEDT, John; DANILOVIC, Alexandre; BATAGELLO, Carlos Alfredo; TORRICELLI, Fabio C. M.; VICENTINI, Fabio C.; MARCHINI, Giovanni S.; SROUGI, Miguel
2021Treatment and Chest Reconstruction for Mediastinitis Following Sternotomy for Cardiac Surgery at the Heart Institute of the University of Sao Paulo Medical SchoolPAGOTTO, Vitor Penteado Figueiredo; GALLAFRIO, Samuel Terra; CARNEIRO, Igor Castro; GEMPERLI, Rolf; JATENE, Fabio B.
2021Use of Single Chimeric Free Flaps or Double Free Flaps for Complex Head and Neck ReconstructionRAGHURAM, Anjali C.; MANFRO, Gabriel; TEIXEIRA, Gilberto V.; CERNEA, Claudio R.; DIAS, Fernando L.; MARCO, Mauricio De; POLO, Roger; ABU-GHNAME, Amjed; MARICEVICH, Marco
2021Recommendations on robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy: a Brazilian experts' consensusFARIA, Eliney Ferreira; MACIEL, Carlos Vaz Melo; BERGER, Andre; MITRE, Anuar; DAUSTER, Breno; FREITAS JR., Celso Heitor; FRAGA, Clovis; CHADE, Daher; DALL'OGLIO, Marcos; CARVALHO, Francisco, et al
2021Transoral endoscopic thyroidectomy vestibular approach: Experience from a multicenter national group with 412 patientsLIRA, Renan Bezerra; CICCO, Rafael De; RANGEL, Leonardo Guimaraes; BERTELLI, Antonio Augusto; SILVA, Guilherme Duque; VANDERLEI, Joao Paulo de Medeiros; KOWALSKI, Luiz Paulo
2021Effect of a low-calorie diet on 24-hour urinary parameters of obese adults with idiopathic calcium oxalate kidney stonesDANILOVIC, Alexandre; MARCHINI, Giovanni Scala; PUCCI, Nidia Denise; COIMBRA, Brian; TORRICELLI, Fabio Cesar Miranda; BATAGELLO, Carlos; VICENTINI, Fabio Carvalho; SROUGI, Miguel; NAHAS, William C.; MAZZUCCHI, Eduardo
2021Organ preservation and oncological outcomes in early laryngeal cancer: a propensity score-based studyCARVALHO, Genival Barbosa de; KOHLER, Hugo Fontan; MELLO, Julia Bette Homem de; LIRA, Renan Bezerra; PELLIZZON, Antonio Cassio de Assis; VARTANIAN, Jose Guilherme; KOWALSKI, Luiz Paulo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1660